Serve The City Geneva

Opportunity knocks


Dear Serve the City team,  Opportunity Knocks

Do read this carefully as there are 2 options and one of them may be for you.

First: if for those of you who HAVE participated in at least one event with STC.
    STC is very grateful to all those who have served and also you have the attention of others who wish to honor you with a special Serve the Servers Dinner Saturday 17 Feb. as their guests. We hope you can join us!    STC is being treated to a meal at restaurant Bonivard VI in Geneva. The chefs are donating their time, restaurant and talents to offer those who have a RED SHIRT, a special meal of thanks for your heart of service to the Geneva community.  However, we are limited to 40 seats. So we would like you to jump onto the web site and book your spot now.
Now : for those who have NOT been able to serve in any of our events so far, we are looking for 6 of you who would be willing to Serve those who have served!  If you would like to participate in meal preparation, setup, serving and clean-up..and are free on Saturday 17 Feb at 5:30 we would love to move you into the field of service.
Serving the Servers should be a very special evening for all, if you qualify.., if you have a red STC shirt you DO NOT qualify as a server.   All clear?

To participate in either event ; Get on the website now before the lists get filled..   GET INVOLVED, Log in, Signup for Events & signup for the appropriate evening event & Send. Confirmation details will be sent out next week.
I you can’t make it, or the seats get filled, we still very much appreciate your contributions and support of serving others, either with or without STC.
The STC Committee.