Serve The City Geneva

Jardin Montbrillant Sandwich program

Service dates are:  Monday thru Friday for May..

So to make 70 sandwiches you will need to purchase:

-7  loaves of bread – each loaf has 20 slices. From having made these sandwiches in the past it will take approximately 2-3 hours of time for preparation. You will also need:

– Aluminium Foil
– Ingredients for sandwiches
– stickers or permanent marker.  or if all are the same..clearly mark the delivery box. 

I would recommend that you use the following sandwich types below. It is important that the sandwiches are not too dry. I would use mayonnaise to avoid this problem but you can use sandwich spread,  butter, olive oil etc. 

  • Tuna- Sweetcorn- Mayonnaise    
  • Chicken- Cheese- Mayonnaise    
  • Ham- Cheese- Mayonnaise ( Please do not exceed more than 20% as many people do not eat pork)
  • Cheese, Tomato- Avocado- ( Vegetarian option- 10-15%) 

..or if you like the sandwich, I’m sure the homeless will like it.!!    (Marmite being the only exception I can think of)

In terms of packaging I would wrap 2 sandwiches together in foil and label them with a sticker or permanent marker.   

From my experience to keep the costs down and to find good value produce I would shop at Lidl in Switzerland or alternatively in France. 

As mentioned we will contribute 70 CHF per delivery.  We will send the funds at the end of the month. 

You will then need to deliver the sandwiches before 1030 am to les Jardins Du Montbrillant, 3 rue du montbrillant, Geneve ( behind the Cornavin Station). As this is quite early I normally make my sandwiches the night before and keep them in the fridge.