Serve The City Geneva

Serve the City Geneva needs you

( November 25, 2020 )

Dear Volunteers,  WE NEED YOU !

   In this COVID time, we know how difficult it is to stay safe and keep in touch with the current safety directions.

But also there are many in the community that are suffering from the economic effects of the “pandemic”

This Friday afternoon and Saturday in many stores across Geneva will be having a food drive to collect food for those in need.  Serve the City has selected 5 stores to support this collection program and could really use your help.

This year we want everyone to pay special attention to physical distancing. So we can put our bags out to be picked up by shoppers.. and shoppers can just put their donations in the receiving bins (we will sort out things later)  

.. so basically the job is “Please” and “Thank-you” and take breaks as necessary.

    Do sign up for one of our stores this weekend on  and stay safe.

Many Many Thanks.. from STC and the Community.

and PS.. thanks to all those who are making pies for the homeless.. !