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Activities with Children at Fondation Clair Bois

Fondation Clair Bois (website in French only) works with families to provide sheltered living and associated services for children, adolescents and adults with multiple handicaps.

They have four homes in the Geneva area: Chambésy (accommodation and schooling for children up to 12), Lancy (accommodation and schooling for children from 10 to 18), Bois-Pinchat and Bois-Minoteries (sheltered living for adults).


Providing assisted living, medical care and training or occupations to people with multiple handicaps.

Activities with Clair Bois Chambésy and Lancy

1. Prepare for and host a party for children (a few hours)

In the past Serve the City Geneva volunteers have organized parties for the kids at Chambésy and Lancy, providing decorations, music and party food, and playing games with the children. Volunteers who can play a musical instrument are particularly welcome to come along and play for guests and hosts alike.

2. Take a few children on an outing (a few hours)

In the past volunteers have accompanied a few of the children to visit some local beauty spot or other place they would not normally have a chance to see.

Where they are

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Clair Bois - Chambésy

Clair Bois-Chambésy
Chemin William-Barbey 20
1292 Chambésy

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Clair Bois - Lancy

Clair Bois-Lancy
Av. du Petit-Lancy 7
1213 Petit-Lancy

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