Serve The City Geneva

Holiday Newsletter

( November 28, 2018 )


Dear volunteers,

Samedi du Partage was a great success, and a good time was had by all! .
Feeding 2,000 of the needy in Geneva is always a good feeling.

NOW we have to sort the collected goods. We have 3 days open.
Friday 14 & 21 December, and Wednesday 2 Jan 8h-12h in Carouge

Starting 12 January every Saturday we send 2 volunteers to serve a Special Gourmet lunch to those who may never be able to enjoy such a meal. 11.30 to 13:30 Please only sign up for 4 dates using Doodle link.

We are working with Service organizations who are organizing Christmas and New Years functions. If you would like to be notified as the project are confirmed, please sign up..

The Mt Brilliant soup kitchen is still a regular every other Tuesday option. hot lunch for up to 200 per day.. 11 Dec. is our last 2018 date and our next event will start in Jan.

Happy Holidays to everyone !!

Serve the City volunteers