Serve The City Geneva

Opportunity knocks !!!


A special message of Happy New Year to all of you who have a special heart for all those less fortunate or have come on hard times.  We are so encouraged by the 1600 volunteers who are ready to take time out of their busy schedules to help those in need.
And theySTC team is privileged to be part of putting those who want to contribute, with those who have needs !
 The Partage food collection was very large this year and they have ask STC if we could provide more help to assist their current helpers the last two weeks of Jan.   They have requested 5 people a day for 15, 17, & 19 Jan (Mon,Wed & Fri)  and the following week and 23 & 25 (Tues & Wed).   Signups are registered thru the Get Involved option on the website.
Sign in and signup for open events..  When we reach 5 entries the event will be closed and you will not see it on the event list.
The sorting takes place at the Partage warehouse in Carouge from 8am to Noon, and we often are invited for lunch.   It would be wonderful to fill the openings quickly.
    Another weekday offer of service is our soup kitchen project.  On Tuesdays , twice a month, STC provides 7 volunteers to help prepare, serve and clean up for about 200 hot meals offered to those in need.  We have a very special group of current volunteers but could periodically use additional support.  Signup again on the website while spots last..
   Serve the City is looking for a very special year of finding and helping those service organizations who do such a great job for others  24/7. We consider it a very honored position to help those who help others.
Serve the City Team wishes you volunteers all the very best for the coming year, either with STC or just helping your community.