Serve The City Geneva

Our password policy

Why we ask you to create a password

When you fill in your name, contact details and preferences in the Volunteer Signup form on the Get Involved page, we store this information in our database.

To comply with Swiss and EU Data Protection laws, we have to take measures to prevent unscrupulous people from stealing and misusing that information. (To see the English translation of the law in question, click here.)

You may choose a very simple password if you are not particularly worried about someone getting hold of your email address (or phone number, if you include it, although providing a phone number is not mandatory when filling in our form).

Opting out

If you do not under any circumstances want your contact details to be stored in our database, please contact the webmaster. We will erase them from our database within 6 hours of receiving the request, and send you a message to confirm this has been done.

When you need to change your stored data

The Data Protection laws mentioned above also state that you must be able to access and change your own stored data. This is why we will soon provide an Edit your Account menu – and why you need a password. You presumably do not want a stranger to go in and replace your personal information without your knowledge.

If at any time you forget your password, you will soon be able to click a Forgot my Password link, and a new one will be emailed to the email address we have for you in the database. In the meantime, if you have forgotten your password, contact the webmaster.