Serve The City Geneva

Samedi du Partage

( October 14, 2019 )


Dear volunteers,

If you have never been able to participate in a project; Now is the time!

Twice a year there is an event called Samedi du Partage, where 150 tons of food is collected at 80 stores in Geneva!!
This great program serves over 2,000 marginalized people of the community thru dozens of Social service communities.

This year they have added many new stores, also collecting on Friday afternoon from 3pm. This is normally a difficult time for volunteers. But if possible do consider helping out at this 22 Nov.

On Saturday the 23rd Serve the City will be hosting 7 stores, with 3 shifts each. 8 to noon, 12 to 3pm , and 3pm to 6pm. Our stores are currently located in Meyrin, Petit-Lancy, Grand-Saconnex and Grand Lancy. Do get on the website – sign in – and sign up for one of the events.

Keep in touch for more projects in coming weeks!