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Serve the City Geneva Newsletter: A couple of events coming up soon…

Saturday 15 October. Bioparc needs our help in insulating a therapy tent and make a wheelchair access path from 9am-1pm. Rte de Valavran 33, 1293 Bellevue, Switzerland

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If you speak a little French or can bring a French speaking friend this may be of interest.  Although some of the projects may not require any French.  But may be of great help for one of Genevas great social service providers. 

Hello: Serve The City,  from Carrefour-rue and Radio Sans Chaine 

Carrefour Rue’s radio station : Radio Sans Chaîne is a web radio giving voice to people who don’t express themselves often in mainstream media. At Radio Sans Chaîne, they can express themselves on both sides of the microphone. Check our site : 

Wednesday October 19, from 2pm to 8pm, Radio Sans Chaîne is opening its doors, rue Baulacre 10, inviting people to discover the people who have been invited at our radio station : artists, social activists, athletes, humorists, people of all horizons with life experiences. There will be some food, good vibes, demos, stand-upers, a movie, 3 hours of open live studio, etc.! 

Everyone is welcomed!

We also need some help from those of you who have some time to make this day a lively and fun day.

Once you subscribe to volunteer through Serve The City, send me the task number or task numbers if you want to help with time periods.

Thank you so much in advance!   

Natacha Perriard

Social worker  Carrefour Rue

OCTOBER 17, MONDAY 2pm – 4pm

Task 1: 4 People to help us cook some cakes, cookies, soup, dips at the Jardin de Montbrillant between 2pm and 4pm

OCTOBER 18, TUESDAY 10am – 12pm

Task 2 : 4 People to help us make decorations and signs and cleaning up our 2 radio spaces (publishing room and sudio) as well surroundings.


BEFORE THE EVENT, from 10am – 1pm

Task 3 : 4 People to help us prepare the garden (decorating, organizing the space) as well as our 2 radio spaces (publishing room and sudio).


Task 4 : 2 People to help us serve appetizers and drinks and keeping the food space clean during the afternoon in the garden from 2pm to 5 pm

Task 5 : 2 People to help us serve some soup and drinks and keeping the food space clean from 5pm to  8pm in our small concert hall (Codebar)

Task 6 : 2 People to help us take care of the logistics (recycling, food storage, helping the other teams) from 2pm – 5pm

Task 7 : 4 People to help us clean up outside 6pm – 7pm

Task 8 : 2 People to help us inform the public on the program of the day and what is where and checking the good vibes 1:30pm- 4:30pm

(Some of the projects may need a little French.)