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Serve the City International Day of Service


Dear volunteers,

We have several projects set up for the coming days and hope you can find something that interests you in serving the community in which we live!

We have two Zoo projects that are environmental in nature with organisations that assist animals in danger and inform the community about their plight and their specific needs. One is located in nearby Vaud and the other in Bellevue.

–Saturday May 5 events start at 9:30

* is located in Vaud. Ideally, we need people carpentry or those with experience or knowledge of how to work with wood. One of the projects is to help us restore a pergola,(an arched structure consisting of a framework covered with climbing or trailing plants.) The work consists of removing weeds, smoothing the soil, and cleaning the woodwork on and around the canopy. Additionally, the information boards need to be cleaned up, as well as the outside of the enclosures and the reception building (including the glass panels). So there is lots to do and we hope for a good team to do it! (6+) persons

* located in Bellevue is a the continuation of a beautification project. the Parc Animalier is working on preparing additional and improved habitats for its birds and animals. (6+ persons)

*Ronald The Ronald McDonald house is a gardening project. They need help with garden maintenance and flower planting. (3 Persons)

* Carrefour Rue has a donated clothing facility called Aboudaby ,154, rte de Malagnou . They have many clothes and donation items to sort and prepare for distribution. (6 persons)

* Saturday 12 May Early Bird Breakfast for Salvation Army Shelter.. 6:30 feed 40..

The Salvation Army has a shelter with 40 beds near Sujet. It has no kitchen so the residents receive coffee and croissants each morning, and soup & bread for an evening meal.

Serve the City encourages volunteers to prepare and serve a breakfast and/or a dinner for the residents. We would like 2-3 volunteers to pick up and provide a breakfast with fruit, cereal, perhaps eggs or pancakes etc. using a hot plate on the facility. STC can provide funds for the project.

— Saturday 12 May We would like a team of 3-4 to prepare a dinner off site for the Salvation Army Shelter and bring it in for18:30 (i.e. would include preparation of the meal /delivery to site /serving meal /cleanup) At least one of the volunteers needs to propose a menu and others can volunteer to help prepare and deliver. It is often prepared at someone’s home or even by different volunteers in their homes and then served together at the shelter.

— Saturdays 12-26 May Back up support for the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen in the Paquis 9:30pm to 11:30pm at the Presbyterian Church. We need 1 person to fill-in for each of 3 Saturday evenings.

— Open La Garenne prefers teams to come during the week so if you have a team of 4-6 and would like to learn more about this Zoo/hospital, do let us know and we can propose a date with them.. (Like a Wednesday after noon for example)

— Open The Salvation Army Shelter also appreciates teams willing to provide a dinner for their residents. They would love to book a date with you..

If anyone would be willing to Project Leader for any of the above activities please note in comments or send us a email..

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