Serve The City Geneva

Serve the City May Newsletter #2

( May 15, 2021 )

Greetings once again to you STC servants of the Realm.


Yes, the homeless are still hungry. Hopefully the Soup kitchens will be able to reopen soon, but in the meantime if you are able to make 70 sandwiches for them any of the week days this month, you will be well appreciated ! See the details under ONGOING PROJECTS on our website. We can use about a dozen more sandwich makers.


On 4 & 5 June, Partage will re-instate their Semi-annual Samdi du Partage (with a Friday too)
STC will be filling 6 stores with volunteers to collect food for the needy of Geneva. Mostly the homeless.
You can signup now for any of the 4 shifts (Fri.3-6, Sat. 8-11:30, 11:30-15, & 15-18)

Migros Meyrin
Denner Meyrin
Migros Bladonet
Coop Grand Saconnex
Lidl Petit-Lancy
Aldi Chen-Bourg

We will need 60 volunteers on the weekend event and families are welcome. Even your weekly walking club can join in.


After the weekend of collecting the non-perishable need to be sorted.. (which take 3-4 weeks)
STC has been given Friday mornings for this activity. Maximum 12 people from 8am to 12pm: Fridays June 11,18 & 25.
This again will take place at PalExpo the back of Hall 7. Do signup on the website with your date of preference.


The Partage organization has been commissioned by the city of Geneva to prepare 5,000 food bags for those economically hurt by the pandemic. STC is helping out on Thursday and Friday morning at PalExpo , Hall 7. Signup to join us at 9 to help.

We will continue the program at least thru July+?


Other items of interest are also on offer, so be sure to check them out under current activities.

Best Regards. The Serve the City Geneva Team.