Serve The City Geneva

Serve the city Geneva Newsletter June No 1

( June 10, 2021 )

Dear volunteers,

Samedi (and vendredi) du Partage:

Last weekend turned out to be quite a success. Many thanks to all those who responded to our pleas.

We ended up with 90 STCG volunteers who collected a great amount of goods for the people who encounter (economical and other…) difficulties.

We hope to get the final collection amount soon and will post it on our website.

STC was established to help the marginalised of the community and together, we certainly make a difference.

Thanks again to all!

Do not forget our other amazing projects!

The sandwich program, which provides meals to over 220 homeless people per weekday, has marvellous helpers. They are making 70 sandwiches at home and deliver them to the Jardin de Montbrillant soup kitchen! Currently, we have 32 deliveries planned for June (equals 2310 sandwiches). Still, more and continuous help is needed. The homeless community was one of the most seriously hit this past year and we continue to try our best to support them.

The tons of products collected at Samedi du Partage need sorting, so they can be distributed over the next 6 months. STCG has currently booked 4 mornings (Thursdays and Fridays), another opportunity to lend a hand to those in need (meaning: sign up!).

Other projects are soon to come, i.e. the zoos and environmental projects.

If you are interested in managing one of these projects, let us know. Our project leaders have done such a fantastic job for meals, soup kitchens, sandwiches, zoos, Partage, clothing collection and sorting, food bags, social media, translation services, and other small projects. MERCI!

Hoping to hear from you soon, your STCG team