Serve The City Geneva

The Meal


Farmers and fishermen are the only providers of our food for life. Do we want to support our local producers or fatten international companies that crush down into poverty whole populations on every continent, poison the people, the oceans, the soil and the very air we breathe? The responsibility is in our hands.

In September 1999, when the association Un Repas Pour Notre Avenir was founded, the event that we set up in Geneva crystalized the desire to support educational projects that would become part of an international network of skills. This event attracted thousands, and was a success with its 1400 meters long table around the lakeside in central Geneva, bringing together all kinds of partners and friends involved in making a better world …

This year the event is on Saturday, September 23 in Plainpalais, The Meal will attract nearly 2000 guests and is running on the same day as in many other countries around the world. Money raised from the event goes to support social projects

Serve The City Geneva, will be supporting the event through volunteering at The Meal. Meal setup to serving and eventual cleanup.

STC has already has sign-ups fort the event but we are short of volunteers  The day is divided in 3 phases:

1 – Meal Setup at 10:30 am  
2 – Serving from 11:30 am
3 – Clean up.from 4:45 pm

We have enough volunteers for Meal setup, What we need is support for serving and clean up.
So all you registered on STC Geneva – come on join in and bring your friends along.  Register for volunteering on the Website.

    This weekend , Sunday  Lac de Joux ,  Dragonboat Races,   Paddle for Cancer  Do come!!