Serve The City Geneva

August Newsletter

( July 29, 2020 )

Dear volunteers

First a big thank you to all those who have stepped out this past month to serve others.
First we had 15 volunteers making 70 sandwiches at home for the closed soup kitchens!
We had just over 200 volunteers packing food packages for those financially hurt in Geneva.
We had over 40 volunteers helping out the BioPark Zoo in Bellevue the past 3 weeks
and other events where people were stepping out to help others who they may not even know; not just thru Partage, but Carrefour Rue, Salvation Army, the Bateau and others. Last but not least thanks to the volunteers who are selflessly leaving the comfort and safety of their home to go to the Soup Kitchen JdM each day, Mondays through to Thursdays, to help put together the food packages to be delivered to the 200+ needy of Geneva.

Now, the August known events..

The sandwich program will still move on in August since the Soup kitchens is still not able to open and take-away meals are a blessing to around 200 people a day. The shelter has its staff back cooking takeaway meals 3 days a week and STC is providing sandwiches for two days a week.

Partage Food packets are still in full distribution for the month running at 5,ooo meal packages a week. Serve the city is providing help Thursday & Friday mornings working from PalExpo.

As other needs and project appear we will be posting them. Project leaders and Account managers are always appreciated.. We have been improving our Social Media exposure and appreciate contributions.. Thanks for all your support and helping others at this special time, with or without STC presence.