Serve The City Geneva

Fall STC Newsletter

( August 22, 2020 )

Dear fellow STC volunteers,

What a great few months we have had with major projects at the BioPark, A fantastic number of different sandwich makers…(remember 70 per day) wait for it…… 43 different contributors !!
And 322 different signups to help create food bags for the financially challenged of Geneva.!!!

Not to mention the volunteers who have worked over 6 months at Mt.Brilliant soup kitchen creating take-away meal packs for about 200 people a day..
But now we have some different opportunities to continue to help the community.
The Food Bag project will continue at least thru 11 Sept. (signups available online) perhaps longer.
This now continues Thursday and Friday mornings 9-12.

Walter, our resident international chef has now arranged with STC and a team of local chefs to prepare 200 to 300 meals a day for Mt.Brilliant, Salvation Army and the Bateau distributions.
We Urgently need your help..

Our Requirements:

1) We are looking for 2 kitchen helpers a day to work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. The hours of work are roughly 0900-1400. The location of the Kitchen is found in Hotel Bel Esperance.
Now normally we would like to book you for 5 weeks, starting this coming Tuesday. But since it’;s such a short notice. we will be very happy to have you work just one or two days next week.. Longer commitments can come later. Thanks for your quick reply..

2) We are looking for drivers to pick up and deliver the meals to 4 locations at 9:30 am from Hotel Bel Esperance.
We are looking for someone committing to 5 weeks on either Wednesday,Thursday or Friday ( but once again as this is a late request if you can do it next week only we are happy to have your help).

3) We also have a convalescent home who would greatly appreciate help with weekly shopping.
A car is not required, it involves just assisting in transporting the purchased goods from store to kitchen. You can negotiate your availability with the Project Leader & home.

Do think about our above options, and hopefully you will find something of interest to you.
The STC team..