Serve The City Geneva

January Newsletter – Serve the City Geneva

Dear Volunteers, Happy New Year to all !!

     We have had a fantastic year of being able to help those in need!!

Feeding the homeless from the soup kitchen, we have offered 5,000 hours of volunteer time! Hundreds of hours collecting, sorting, packing food for the marginalised of the community.  We continue to help Ukrainian Refugees through the Salvation Army by contributing meal service help 7 days a week at Belle Experiance hotel in the old town, and a party for old and young refugees during the holidays. 

     We are going to continue for the next few months (rain or shine!) to help the BioParc take care of their very special animals in Bellevue, along with supporting the Reffetorio, a very special evening meal restaurant that is free for the homeless.

Signups for all events can be found on our website now. 

   With snow on the ground, it is a very difficult time for those who are homeless or without work.   Please think about finding time to help them survive and thrive.  

We are still packing food bags for the needy and are nearly finished sorting and preparing all the very generous donations from Samedi du Partage. In addition, we have helped gather much needed clothing which is especially apprecated in the winter months.

I hope this email finds you well and experiencing a super start to 2023!

Bioparc has given us some Saturday dates (9am-1pm) for the next 3 months as follows:

21 January

18 February

18 March

Sincere best thanks and best wishes for the new year ahead to you all for what you do to help the animals at Bioparc, Bellevue and in turn our Geneva community.  

Angela Project leader. 

If you are no longer able to help us. Please do signout of STC Geneva Team. We currently have about 3,400 members but about 1,000 have never signed up for a project, and we would prefer to have a list of 2000 active members!

(So please do sign up, so we can publish 3,400 active members…with T shirts!)

Just a little side story while I’m thinking of t-shirts… We are truly a secular organization here in Geneva, but I wanted to confess last Saturday I went to a Christian men’s breakfast. What did I see working in the kitchen but someone in a  red STC t-shirt helping prepare our meal! I had thought about wearing my t-shirt for advertising reasons, perhaps hoping someone would ask me what that was all about.. but decided not to do so.  Four others there, like me, had left their shirts at home. I am very sad for my decision, as what is better than reminding the whole community to think about serving others!

Please.. wear your shirt anytime you can.. I know I will never forget it again as I was so proud of seeing the red splash at a community meeting! 

Again, wishing all of you a very, very special 2023!!