Serve The City Geneva

Serve the city Geneva Newsletter July No. 2

( July 27, 2021 )

Dear volunteers..

I know many are traveling this week.. but we have a couple of quick requests..
First.. many thanks to those who jumped in to serve the homeless during the closure of the soup kitchen this week.

It looks like we are able make 200 meals each day, transport them and serve them at the kitchen parking lot..

It was a great response!

Carrefour rue has a used toyshop behind the train station and is looking for a few volunteers sometime this next week.

A little French may be helpful for this event.

Effectivement, nous avons reçu beaucoup de vêtements et de jeux à la Jouetterie. J’ai donc proposé à Serve the City de nous soutenir dans le tri. Si possible : Lundi après-midi Mardi matin Mercredi la journée Jeudi matin Matin 9h-13h Après- midi 13h-17h 3 personnes par demi-journée serait idéal. Merci beaucoup !

Indicate time interest in comments. Rue des Grottes 24, 1201 Genève, behind the train-station.

And both the Food bag preparation project and the Samdi du Partage food sorting could both use some help this week.

Our trip this weekend to LaGarenne Zoo was very successful but they have some additional projects that we could easily be of great help to them. We are looking for a small team to get together on any week day in the next couple of weeks.

If you have a day that suits you..let us know and we can try to put a team around you.

Other projects are popping up so do keep in touch with the website..(we even have some September events avail.. if you like to plan ahead !!)

For any of the above events …please signup on the website..

Again we thank you.. the Serve the City team

Serve the city Geneva Newsletter July

( July 12, 2021 )

OK.. Some Saturday Projects too!…


Over the years STC has been working with La Garenne Animal Park.

The park relocated on new land and it reopened in 2016.

The new park La Garenne possess the biggest aviary in Europe, Visitors can walk among rock walls where the birds build their nests.[3][4]

Since its creation, La Garenne has been an important actor in the care and rehabilitation of wild animals found by people in the area. Its care center is still in operation, and more than 1600 animals of many species have been released to the wild after care in the center. Every year approximately 450 animals are brought to the center. Of that number, 40% will be released in the wild. Some animals will get a home in other zoos. Handicapped animals are often kept in the zoo for reproduction.

We have several projects on offer from them. We would like to suggest Saturday 24 July for the request below.

At the moment the other projects are available for any time of your choice. If you feel you would need help on the project which you cannot find let STC know and we will try to help you get a team together.  It’s a great park to visit and work in and we are greatly appreciated there and all found it very interesting. Language is not a problem and more information is found on the website

Bonjour Serve the City,

Le projet que nous voudrons faire rapidement c’est de remplacer des meubles. Il nous faudrait des mains pour sortir des meubles, nettoyer les emplacements et monter des étagères IKEA. 

Donc, des personnes qui pourront porter du poids et d’autres à l’aise pour monter les meubles IKEA. Je dirais 6 ou 7 personnes pour une journée entière, à partir de 9h00 le matin – 15.  Lunch included.

MERCI par avance et meilleures salutations,


The project we will want to do quickly is to replace furniture. We would need hands to get out furniture, clean spaces and put up IKEA shelves.

So people who can carry weight and others who are comfortable putting together IKEA furniture. I would say 6 or 7 people , starting at 9:00 am in the morning until 3. Lunch included.

THANKS in advance and best regards,

Actuellement, plusieurs projets sont en cours à La Garenne :

1.- construire un stockage de foin, mon collègue a déjà commencé cette construction avec l’aide d’un stagiaire.

2.- construire une citerne pour stocker l’eau, nous avons commandé et reçu les pièces détachées. Ce projet doit se faire assez rapidement.

3.-  remplacer les meubles de rangement de nos bureaux. Nous devrons vider les vieilles étagères de nos bureaux, nettoyer les emplacements et auront des meubles IKEA à monter et mettre en place. 

4.- refaire certains tronçons de nos chemins, délavés par les fortes pluies successives, remettre du tour-venant fin. 

5.- et bien sûr l’entretien du potager.

Pour l’un et l’autre de ces projets, les participants devront pouvoir porter certains poids, être habiles dans la construction et savoir travailler en équipe. Si j’ose dire, ces projets ne sont pas adaptés pour les bénévoles enfants ou adolescents. 

except #5

Currently, several projects are underway at La Garenne:

1.- build a hay storage, my colleague has already started this construction with the help of an intern.

2.- build a cistern to store water, we ordered and received the spare parts. This project must be done fairly quickly.

3.- replace the storage furniture in our offices. We will have to empty the old shelves in our offices, clean the spaces and have IKEA furniture to assemble and set up.

4.- redo some sections of our paths, washed out by successive heavy rains, put back the end of the turn-coming.

5.- and of course the maintenance of the vegetable garden.

For either of these projects, participants will need to be able to carry certain weights, be skilled in construction and know how to work as a team. If I may say so, these projects are not suitable for child or adolescent volunteers. Except perhaps the garden project.

La Garenne

Route du Bois-Laurent 1

CH-1261 Le Vaud

+41 22 366 11 14


Sunday  18th July 2021

The project: 4-6 helpers required to prepare & help in construction of sand pit for young visitors to Bioparc. 9h-13h

Our 3 regular projects are still in need of volunteers (check signups for more info)

Sandwich Program:

Food Packing Project:

Food Sorting from Samdi du Portage collection:

( July 4, 2021 )

Mater Foundation
Here is part of the team that produced 30,000 meals for the homeless the past year

Serve the City Geneva – 2nd Newsletter June 21

( June 24, 2021 )

Dear volunteers,

Serve the City Geneva welcomes the newbies to the group!!

We hope to see all those (again) who recently joined us and have never participated in one of our following projects.

No secrets in this garden

There is an upcoming project in Chêne-Bougeries. Carrefour Rue, one of the canton’s leading social associations, runs a trailer park for those trying to get back on their feet. It needs a big gardening team to cut, mow, and clean up an overgrown ‘jungle’. It’s scheduled for the 10th of July and lunch will be provided. Your fingers are green? Then sign up!

In the mood for a good snack

The sandwich team can always use some help. Especially now that summer and travelling season are near, the programme must be continued: so many people are counting on it. For more details, go to the website. Easy at home preparation.

The grapes of bags

Over a year and still going strong! STCG continues to help packing over 5000 grocery bags a week on Thursday and Friday mornings. You can sign up for one day, or two, or on a regular basis. It is a nice team; we do useful work and have fun! Coffee breaks with beverages and snacks provided. Bring friends and family!

The sorting hat

The 200 tons of goods collected on the Samedi du Partage weekend still need sorting. No magic, elbow grease! Several new days have been added to the Partage sorting programme. These are the goods to be distributed over the next six months; there is a big need through July. Please sign up and bring colleagues!

Animal farm

The Biopark Zoo in Genthod project is coming soon, we wait only for the date. Come sniffing the trail from time to time on the website. Call in your neighbours!

Eat pray love

The Salvation Army, one of our long-standing partners, solicits volunteers to help with the service of a midday or evening meal, near Cornavin. The place is particularly destined for fragile adults. Knowledge of French is needed.

Hours: Monday to Sunday. Lunch service 11h – 13h30. Dinner service 17h – 19h30. Tasks: receiving the beneficiaries, replenishing the buffet, etc. For more info, please sign up, write your availabilities (day and time) in the comments. The project leader will contact you.

Very very important

Please do remember: if you sign up, DO show up. Or let the project leader know, by signing out of your event, or calling him/her. This way we can not only find a replacement, but keep our engagements towards our partners.

Hope to see you soon and wishing you a lovely summer!

Your STCG team

Serve the city Geneva Newsletter June No 1

( June 10, 2021 )

Dear volunteers,

Samedi (and vendredi) du Partage:

Last weekend turned out to be quite a success. Many thanks to all those who responded to our pleas.

We ended up with 90 STCG volunteers who collected a great amount of goods for the people who encounter (economical and other…) difficulties.

We hope to get the final collection amount soon and will post it on our website.

STC was established to help the marginalised of the community and together, we certainly make a difference.

Thanks again to all!

Do not forget our other amazing projects!

The sandwich program, which provides meals to over 220 homeless people per weekday, has marvellous helpers. They are making 70 sandwiches at home and deliver them to the Jardin de Montbrillant soup kitchen! Currently, we have 32 deliveries planned for June (equals 2310 sandwiches). Still, more and continuous help is needed. The homeless community was one of the most seriously hit this past year and we continue to try our best to support them.

The tons of products collected at Samedi du Partage need sorting, so they can be distributed over the next 6 months. STCG has currently booked 4 mornings (Thursdays and Fridays), another opportunity to lend a hand to those in need (meaning: sign up!).

Other projects are soon to come, i.e. the zoos and environmental projects.

If you are interested in managing one of these projects, let us know. Our project leaders have done such a fantastic job for meals, soup kitchens, sandwiches, zoos, Partage, clothing collection and sorting, food bags, social media, translation services, and other small projects. MERCI!

Hoping to hear from you soon, your STCG team