Serve The City Geneva

Serve the City Geneva – December Newsletter

( November 28, 2021 )

Many many thanks the volunteers who participated in the Weekend Samdi du Partage food collection.
We had over 80 volunteers wonderfully directed by Alice & Katja who were the Project leaders on the event.

We now can be thinking about sorting the tons of donations collected this weekend. 
From 2 December to 14 January Food Sorting will be taking place week day mornings at the new Partage offices in  Plan-les-Ouates,
Serve the City has booked 1 day a week for 6 weeks and we hope to see you there.   If you are a teenager or older you are welcome to join in. 
You must signup on the website for your available days.   If our dates do not suit you, you can take a look at the Partage website for more options.  Serve the City booking days are;

10 Dec.  17 Dec.   22 Dec.  27 Dec.   6 Jan.  &  12 Jan.

 Espace Tourbillon,
bâtiment D,
19A Route de la Galaise,
1228 Plan-les-Ouates,
2ème étage  

The Zoo in Bellevue is preparing for a couple of new additions when 2 meerkats will be arriving in a few weeks. 
We are looking for 2 teams to help prepare a home for them on December 4 and December 11.
Again signup on the website and more information will be available.

Feeding the homeless is also one of our continuing projects at least thru December.
If you can make sandwiches on a Monday or Tuesday do make your offer known with a signup.
The Montbrilliant soup kitchen may still have a spot or two for helpers.  Do signup for information. 

Carrefour Rue is looking for some cooks to help out at the La Coulou emergency shelter. Some funding is available. 

We hope to have some Christmas / New Years project on offer soon, so do keep in touch.

We are always looking for more opportunities, so if you know or see something that may be of service do let us know.. 

Thank you for being one of our 2,600 registered volunteers here or near Geneva.

The STC Geneva team

Serve the City Geneva Newsletter November 2021

( November 1, 2021 )

Happy Halloween to all!

We have been doing amazing things since Covid began in early 2020.

Over 30’000 take-away meals, thousands of sandwiches made for the homeless.

100’s of bags of clothing collected to be given to those in need.

Our fixed team of volunteers in the Soup Kitchen has been doing an amazing job, several volunteers working for at least once a week for 18 months!!!

Now WE HAVE A NEW opportunity to serve the community. STCG needs 100 volunteers to collect food in 5 stores. The event is a semi-annual programme called “Samedi du Partage” (more explanations on the website), taking place on 26 and 27 November. If you, your family and friends would be willing to help, do sign up on our website, on the “Current Activities” page.

We continue to encourage you to make sandwiches for the homeless through December. Or to help pack 5’000 food bags a week for distribution.

Have a look on our web page for more information.

We also will be looking for Christmas / New Year’s ways to serve as well. If you find opportunities in which we may help, do contact us (

Thanks in advance for your engagement! Do keep in touch.

Your Serve the City Geneva Team

Dear Volunteers for the Food Packing…

( September 17, 2021 )

Dear volunteers,After supporting us for several weeks at Palexpo, we inform you that due to our move to Tourbillon, 21 Route de la Galaise, Plan-les-Ouates from October 1st, the shopping bag preparation sessions are suspended from the 17th September and will resume on October 13 at Tourbillon.You can already register on our platform without further ado.We have, in fact, been able to prepare and anticipate enough shopping bags for this interval period.Thanking you in advance for your commitment and support, best regards.The Partage Foundation  & Serve the City

Serve the City Geneva – August Newsletter

( August 6, 2021 )

Greetings Serve the City Volunteers,

Even under COVID conditions, we have been doing surprisingly well! Lots of problems and lots of volunteers stepping to help!! Thank you so much!

Here is an update on current projects:

We will continue our Food Bag packing project at PalExpo certainly through August: Thursday and Friday mornings. The city of Geneva has funded the program well into September too, and we will keep you informed. The program is designed to help those in Geneva economically hurt by the many closures and is doing its best to help.

Because of Covid restrictions the Soup Kitchen cannot open their meal service to the 200+ homeless guests each week. STC has been asking volunteers to help the Soup Kitchen at Mountbrilliant to prepare take-away meals. We are looking for more who are willing to make 70 sandwiches sometime during the week.. details on the STC webpage.

The Samedi du Partage program, designed to help the homeless, has a couple weeks of needs…such as, for example, counting and taking inventory of the non-perishables collected. We have all week day mornings available. If there are any changes we will let you know.

We have projects underway at two zoo operations nearby. The BioPark in Bellevue and parc La Garenne in the town of Le Vaud. We can even do some weekend projects there.

Carrefour Rue has some requests in September for help at their shop, La Jouetterie, near the main train station. A little French is helpful here, or bring a friend!

The Meal in September is a huge event for us, serving 1000 meals to guests at this Local Producers Fair. Sign up for more details!

For all events , do signup on our website for registration, and information. Our project leaders will keep you informed.

We are looking for a project manager to look after researching additional environmental projects. Perhaps working in Nature Reserves, e.g., Trail maintenance, Saleve walkway cleanup, or other such projects.

best regards

Serve the City Geneva

Serve the city Geneva Newsletter July No. 2

( July 27, 2021 )

Dear volunteers..

I know many are traveling this week.. but we have a couple of quick requests..
First.. many thanks to those who jumped in to serve the homeless during the closure of the soup kitchen this week.

It looks like we are able make 200 meals each day, transport them and serve them at the kitchen parking lot..

It was a great response!

Carrefour rue has a used toyshop behind the train station and is looking for a few volunteers sometime this next week.

A little French may be helpful for this event.

Effectivement, nous avons reçu beaucoup de vêtements et de jeux à la Jouetterie. J’ai donc proposé à Serve the City de nous soutenir dans le tri. Si possible : Lundi après-midi Mardi matin Mercredi la journée Jeudi matin Matin 9h-13h Après- midi 13h-17h 3 personnes par demi-journée serait idéal. Merci beaucoup !

Indicate time interest in comments. Rue des Grottes 24, 1201 Genève, behind the train-station.

And both the Food bag preparation project and the Samdi du Partage food sorting could both use some help this week.

Our trip this weekend to LaGarenne Zoo was very successful but they have some additional projects that we could easily be of great help to them. We are looking for a small team to get together on any week day in the next couple of weeks.

If you have a day that suits you..let us know and we can try to put a team around you.

Other projects are popping up so do keep in touch with the website..(we even have some September events avail.. if you like to plan ahead !!)

For any of the above events …please signup on the website..

Again we thank you.. the Serve the City team