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Serve the City Newsletter

( February 15, 2021 )

Our Food packing project with Partage will now continue thru JUNE.. if you would join us twice a month, that would be fantastic.

Next week however (15 to 19 February) PalExpo will be closed.. For the clean up & consolidation.. but STC will be there 11,12, 25 & 26 in Feb. to continue this great work. Do come along.

We are collecting food and clothing for the less fortunate. All donations will be given to Fondation Carrefour-Rue & Coulou who have various projects in Geneva. Please find more about the organisation here:

The following items are needed.

Long life food like: Pasta, Rice, Sugar, Chocolate, Cookies, Tinned food, Olive oil, Jams & Vegetables in jars.

Winter Clothes; Jackets, Sweaters, Pants/trousers, Scarves, Beanies, Gloves & Boots

If the clothes are not new they should be washed and acceptable to wear.

Donations of food and clothing can be dropped off at 10, rue de Baulacre 1202 Genève from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

New volunteer opportunity at the Caravane sans Frontières emergency night shelter

Who: We are recruiting volunteers to help at Caravane’s emergency night shelter in the Servette from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm, in particular individuals who have a medical/social work background, 20 year old minimum. Working knowledge of French. Request a commitment of 1 night per week until 20 March.

Mandatory information session on Tuesday, 16 February, from 6.00-7.00 pm in FRENCH.

Where: Protestant Church of Servette-Vieusseux, Avenue Wendt 55, 1203 Geneva

Many thanks for all your contributions.

Do keep your eye on the website and emails for other projects as we find opportunities to serve.

Best regards and stay safe! The STC team.

Serve the City Geneva 2020 summary

( January 25, 2021 )

We are so proud of YOU, our volunteers, for this past year. It has been an amazing run during a very difficult time. First of I want to say of our 2,701 that have registered, slightly over half have been able to participate in our events. But for those have not yet been able to participate and have remained on our mailing list, we are sure that have a heart for what we do and like to keep in touch , and perhaps even share our activities with others.

The rest of this text is statistics of what we have been doing which could be boring to some. But for some it is quite revealing. i.e.

We have 2,701 signed up volunteers.

566 new signups in the year 2020, and 21 since January.

of that group we have :

882 English only speakers,
28 French only speakers
1433 prefer English
358 prefer French

top 7 “How did you find us?”

197 Friends
110 Internet the Internet has help us a lot.
80 Google
48 Facebook
42 School
31 Family
57 Misc. including: Office(17), Partage(11), Know-it-all (10),radio(5),church(3)

Interesting sub note: We have 4 known signups who have come from other STC locations;

(Brussels (2), Portugal and Maastricht)

IN 2020 we calculate over 4,000 volunteer hours over the following events.

Partage Sorting71
Partage Food packets411Actually many more as many people came with out signing up. The city of Geneva has funded this project at least thru April. (Do signup to help on our website, bring your friends)
Partage Food collection31Samedi du Partage
Zoo Projects122
Meals for the Homeless122kitchen helpers and sandwich makers (over 10,000 meals and 4,000 sandwiches for the homeless)
Misc. Projects197
Total984Over 4,000 volunteer hours !!!

This was from about 35 separate projects ..

A special thanks to all those Project Managers, Project Leaders, and the STC team. who have stepped out and made a big difference in looking after all of our events.

We are especially proud of the volunteer at JdM Soup Kitchen in the year 2020. First half of the year we were asked for fewer volunteers due to social distancing and later on we were requested for 5 volunteers max. each day.

Total Jan-Jun816 hours
Total Jul-Dec1812 hours
TOTAL2628 hours

Overall number of volunteers – 14 –  signing up – off and on.Of those we have 8 volunteers have been constant and regular in 2020.Kubashini, Rudolph, Anthony, Jonathan, Andrée, Winnie, Louis, & Ridwan. A special thanks to all!    

May 2021 be a safe and good year for everyone. And appreciate you all standing up to help where needed.