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September Newsletter



This Saturday we are still a few hands short for setup and serving 1000 people at the TheMeal at PlainPalais. Do signup for the event, your help will be welcome.

22 September Invite for The-Meal

It’s that time of the year again when we honor the local farmers and consider the environment.!

A great number of people gathering on the same day in many different places on our planet, to share a meal in support of farmers here and everywhere, in defense of food sovereignty and the right for local populations to access natural resources, soil, water, forests and seed.

The Meal – Un Repas Pour Notre Avenir will take place on September 22 at Plainpalais grounds.

The event would be supported by Serve the City Geneva with at least 30 volunteers, who will help with the setting of the area with Tables and benches, serving the food, helping with the clear up at the end of the day.

The day starts at 7:30 am and will go on until 5:00 pm. Volunteers can stay throughout the day or choose specific tasks or time frames..

07:30 – 10:00 – Setting up

10:00 – 11:30 – Cocktails

11:30 – 14:30 – Lunch Servers provided by Serve the City

16:00 – 17:30 – Clear up other activities are run by event organisers

So, volunteers come along and help support this wonderful event. We could use some more French speakers for the event as well.

More information at

Looking forward to early sign ups on Serve the City Geneva website.

Every other Tuesday from 25 September Soup Kitchen Mt.Brilliant

We have a couple more spots open for servers from 9 to 1 to serve those in need.

22 September we start a new Saturday lunch program for the less fortunate

Serve the City is proposing a 2 team approach of 3 persons offering service every other Saturday until mid December. We also will develope a team of standby servers to run backup participation as required. When you sign up don’t forget to mention is you are signing up for every other Saturday or as a “as needed” volunteer


The idea of the «Fifth Day» is brought by chef Walter el Nagar, distinguished by the Gault & Millau 2017. With other talented chefs from around the world, he founded the Société anonyme cuisiniers, a collective that prides itself on a real social and culinary bias.

The members of the collective are far from painting cooks as artists or geniuses of sort, but instead they encourage their members to be creative, avant-garde, radical and provocative, aiming to stimulate the critical minds and senses of their guests, making them an integral part of their work. They believe that the classic restaurant model needs to be updated.

Open four days to the public, the restaurant proposes a bistronomic, local, healthy and organic food offer, from a perspective of sustainability. On the fifth day, the same menu will be served to less fortunate people sent by partner associations. For free!

Our needs: every Saturday from 22/09 included we need at least 3 volunteers to help the chef at the kitchen (cooking, serving and cleaning), from 11am to 3pm. With your commitment, you will contribute to this social project which offers the opportunity to marginalized, homeless or refugee people to escape from their day-to-day for the time of a meal and to discover a fantastic cuisine. 25 rue des Eauxvive, 1207 Geneva


L’idée du « Cinquième jour » est portée par le chef Walter el Nagar, distingué par le Gault & Millau 2017. Avec d’autres chefs talentueux du monde entier, il a fondé en 2017 la Société anonyme cuisiniers, un collectif qui se targue d’un vrai parti-pris social et culinaire.

Artisans modernes, plutôt qu’« artistes de génies », les membres du collectif cherchent à bousculer les certitudes et à faire réagir leurs hôtes par leur créativité. Ces cuisiniers anonymes sont déterminés à modifier la perception de la cuisine gastronomique, ainsi qu’à révolutionner le modèle actuel, mais dépassé, de la restauration et de l’hospitalité.

Ouvert quatre jours au public, le restaurant propose une cuisine bistronomique, local, saine et à base de produits issus de l’agriculture durable. Le cinquième jour, le même menu sera servi à des convives en situation précaire, pris en charge par une organisation sociale partenaire. Et cela gratuitement !

Nos besoins : tous les samedis à partir du 22/09 inclus, nous avons besoin d’au moins 3 bénévoles afin d’assister le chef en cuisine (cuisine, service, nettoyage), de 11h à 15h. Grâce à votre engagement, vous contribuerez à ce projet social qui offre l’opportunité à des personnes marginalisées, sans-abri ou réfugiées de s’évader de leur quotidien le temps d’un repas et d’avoir accès à une cuisine exceptionnelle.

25 rue des Eauxvive, 1207 Geneva


Voix Libres is a shop near the main train station that is an international humanitarian association, which operates in Bolivia to offer alternatives to child labour in the mines, fields, garbage dumps and streets. STC is proud to have been working with their team for past 6 years. Some of their upcoming events are listed should you be interested in volunteering with them.
  • Volunteers for events: VL needs a lot of volunteers for selling their products and also for promoting the NGO
    • 22 September: The Meal – Dimitri Javorski ( is in charge with the event
    • 5 – 18 November: Selling exhibition at Manor Vevey
    • 3 November- Orvin près de Bienne
    • 20 October (approx) container de Bolivie – they need 20 volunteers and it will be helpful if someone of them will have some vans/ trucks
  • 3 October- 19h – they will have a soirée portes ouvertes” regarding information about VL. They said that it will be beneficial for the interested volunteers to come because it will be a good opportunity to more about their activities, mission and vision (a highly recommended training based on my own experience)
  • Shop: during the week and on Saturday (flexible hours)- they said that they need more a woman who likes to sell and understands the importance of their work and the impact of each article sold on the women’s life who became entrepreneurs in Bolivia (after they went through slavery in the mines or victims of domestic violence).
  • Traslations: VL need always volunteers for translations either for their financial statements, projects, donors, etc. The priority is their site, who is currently under construction. The french version will be created by their own team and then they need the translation.
The translations are mostly required are from:
1. French- English/ English- French
2. Spanish- French/ French- Spanish
3. Spanish- English/ English- French
Don’t forget:
Expat-Expo GmbH

Starling Hotel & Conference Center
next to Palexpo November 4th, 2018

July Newsletter update


Dear volunteers,

An update on the Nelson Mandela Week of Service

Saturday 14 July: Parc Challandes Zoo in Bellevue
could use 3-4 more helpers..

Saturday 14 July: La Garenne Zoo in Le Vaud
The zoo is looking for 4 to 8 volunteers (or more groups of 3 to 4 during the week) to help out with various maintenance projects. We have a special need for a carpenter type if you have that gift.

Tuesday 17 July: A Rocha event at Laconnex nature reserve in Laconnex, (Near Bernex)

Wednesday 18 July: FULL Ronald McDonald House garden party no more spots. many thanks for support..

Sunday 22 July: La Maison de Tara in Chêne Bougeries
start at 10am on the Sunday , Clearing basement for painting..

keep an eye out for further information: (sign ups coming up soon)

– Sunday 2 September: Paddle for Cancer at the Lac de Joux (5-10 volunteers)

– Saturday 22 September: TheMeal at the Plaine de Plainpalais (40 volunteers)

– Date TBC: LaArch Centre for those with Down syndrome (5-10 volunteers)

July Newsletter


Dear volunteers,

Read on for information about our Partage activities in June and July and about a number of upcoming volunteering opportunities that we hope you can be part of.


Thank you all again for signing up to help with the sorting of all the donations collected during the Samedi du Partage. This year, nearly 150 tonnes of food and toiletries were donated.  

In spite of the collection being so large, the many volunteer teams, including those from STCG, have done such a great job of sorting that it’s been completed in record time! In fact, there’s not enough work left to fill the rest of STCG’s Partage sorting dates so we have had to cancel some unfortunately.

The following dates are still going ahead: Wednesday 4 and Friday 6 July. Sorting will then be finished!

Sorry to those whose sorting dates have been cancelled – look out for the next chance to take part after the November collection!

More than 1000 people benefit from the Partage programme every day. We are truly glad to be a part of it and we thank all the volunteers who have contribute to the collection and sorting.

Nelson Mandela International Day of Service

Every year on 18 July – Nelson Mandela’s birthday – people all over the world are encouraged to give some of their time to voluntary activities in memory of his decades of service to humanity. We at STCG have put together a number of events in July, details of which are given below. Of course, you can also participate your own way by helping out your neighbours or members of your community – let us know by email or on Facebook how you took part!

10-14 July (and beyond): soup kitchen at Jardin de Montbrillant (Cornavin)

From 10 July, we are looking to recruit an additional 3 or 4 volunteers to back up our existing team during the summer to ensure that STC can continue to feed up to 200 hungry and needy people in Geneva every Tuesday. Sign up on the Current Activities page if you’re interested!

Saturday 14 July: Parc Challandes Zoo in Bellevue

The zoo needs some redecorating – we will be replenishing the insides of the enclosures with fresh branches, leaves and special treats for the animal guests. If you’d like to help, sign up on the Current Activities page.

Saturday 14 July: La Garenne Zoo in Le Vaud

(or smaller groups during the week if the volunteers prefer)

This large animal park concentrates of taking in and treating wild animals in difficulty, safeguarding and reintroducing threatened species, supporting environmental education and promoting Swiss wildlife. The zoo is looking for 4 to 8 volunteers (or more groups of 3 to 4 during the week) to help out with various maintenance projects.

Tuesday 17 July: A Rocha event at Laconnex nature reserve

Join us and conservation charity A Rocha as we mark International Nelson Mandela Day of Service with a rewarding outdoor activity. We will be clearing invasive plants from the nature reserve in Laconnex (see location here) in order to promote the growth of indigenous flora and fauna. The meeting time is at 10am and we will finish sometime in the afternoon, depending on progress and motivation. Our work with A Rocha has always been appreciated by volunteers, and it’s a great way to serve while enjoying the great outdoors! 

Sign up on the Current Activities page, and, since the nature reserve is not easily accessible by public transport, please let us know in the comments if you are driving and could pick up other volunteers (and where from) or if you don’t have transport and would like a lift.

Wednesday 18 July: Ronald McDonald House garden party 

We are looking for 3 to 4 volunteers to lend a hand at the garden party of the two Ronald McDonald Houses near the HUG. These houses are used free of charge by parents of children undergoing treatment at the hospital, allowing them to be nearby. Sign up online!

Sunday 22 July: La Maison de Tara in Chêne Bougeries

This is another wonderful opportunity to help those who help others: La Maison de Tara (79 Ch. de la Montagne, 1224 Chêne-Bougeries) is a small hospice that provides home-from-home care for people nearing the end of their life when staying at home is not possible but they don’t wish to be in hospital. This charity exists thanks to the support of its kind and generous donors, the unending support of the commune of Chêne-Bougeries and the support of over 100 trained volunteers.

The charity needs a few extra volunteers to help clear the basement so that it can be painted. This will involve emptying cupboards, wardrobes, drawers and storage boxes and then moving the empty items to another part of the basement while the painting is carried out over 3 to 4 days. The clearing job will start at 10am on the Sunday and is expected to take around 3 hours, but may continue into the afternoon. If you’d like to help, sign up here.

Once the painting is complete, more volunteers will be needed to help put everything back – date to be confirmed.

Looking ahead

We are not done! We have a few events planned for September – keep an eye out for further information:

– Sunday 2 September: Paddle for Cancer at the Lac de Joux (5-10 volunteers)

– Saturday 22 September: TheMeal at the Plaine de Plainpalais (40 volunteers)  

– Date TBC: LaArch Centre for those with Down syndrome (5-10 volunteers)

STCG Committee

STC is always looking for project managers, and right now we are especially keen to find someone who might have or find contacts in the Red Cross to see how STC might be of help to them.

Thanks for your continued service and we hope to see you at some of our upcoming activities!

The Serve the City Geneva team


We can use Project Leaders to look after our coming events.. and would appreciate your help? please let us know if you can contribute in this way.  Find more events listed under Current Activities.   Merci


 Paddle for Cancer Project    2 September
Hi Serve the City
I hope all is well with you.  It is that time of year again and I am in the process of filling all our volunteer slots for the Paddle for Cancer dragonboat festival.  I thought it would be useful to touch base with you at this stage to see if you would be able to help us find volunteers again, as you so kindly did last year.
We have a few positions that I currently know are free which are:
Litter/Recycling team – Sunday all day from 8am (must be able to stay until the very end, around 7pm)
Toilets – Sunday – Continual monitoring of toilets, emptying of each toilet rubbish bin, wipe-up around toilet-bowl area. Spray freshener on each cleanup.  If a toilet becomes particularly nasty, lock-up and leave it!  At end of Sunday no big cleanup necessary, as toilets can be left as they are.
Festival Set-up – 12.00-15.00 on the Saturday.  Involves moving tables, benches, fridges, boats and general set-up duties
Festival Clear-up – 16.00-19.00 on the Sunday.  Involves the reverse of set-up.
Photographers – 8/9am – 5pm.  To be part of this team to capture the races, ambience, volunteers at work, mini regatta, winners and festival in general.
Mini-Regatta – we always have general positions to help with the children’s races

Boat-loading – helping on the main race event to ensure participants are instructed and safe getting in the dragon boats

We always get ad hoc positions elsewhere also so anyone who is flexible, hardworking and just wants to help out at a great event, we would love to hear from.

I look forward to hearing from you as to whether you feel you may be able to find some volunteers for any of these positions.