Serve The City Geneva

STC soup kitchen

Many thanks to STC soup kitchen volunteers.

We seem to have enough to provide teams to cover Wednesday mid-day meals..  Our plan is to have two teams which alternate Wednesdays, plus have an on-call group who can take over as life gets in the way..  Many thanks to our 14 (so far)  perhaps 2 more regulars and some backups..   If you have a team for Tuesdays we can start looking at perhaps setting up another team or two for this very special service to the community..  (We are just waiting for a commitment on which Wednesday we start. The project leader will keep the teams  informed)

Again thanks.. STC volunteers

Rue Carrefour questionnaire

Dear STC volunteers,

We have been asked by Carrefoue Rue for some help at their soup kitchen at Mt.Brilliant, next to the main train station. They could use 6-8 volunteers from now thru November, from 9h to about 1 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The job is: food preparation, setup, serving and clean up.

This request is NOT yet asking for signups, but this is a poling request asking what kind of help STC may be able to provide.

What kind of help would you be willing, interested or committed to do for this project? On the website under Get Involved you should be able to sign in and respond to a quick questionnaire. Along with some basic options. Please use the comments section for any qualifications or additional information.
For example; I can work only twice a month, or I am not available during September, or I can bring 3 friends, or family members on Tuesdays. Etc.

Many thanks for responding to our questionnaire..

The STC team

Partage Saturday

Partage Saturday is history, and we had all kinds of stories,  We had some sickness, we had some oversleeping, some had to leave early, we had some stores not ready for us and some could not be kinder.  Some people after paying for their groceries , found out what we were doing and went back in and bought us a big bag of groceries..  Another who took another solution and gave us 100chf  and we took the money and bought a collection of products. One customer gave us a bag of meat & vegetables while her husband was waiting at the check out stand (which we replaced). One store would not take back 2 bags of perishable goods, and told us to donate it to Caritas.  Some times we had 1 red shirt doing everything and once we had 10 STC reds all busy.. Next week we should get the final tallies but all in all it was a fantastic day. I from what I hear ALL had a very good time and what we did does MAKE A DIFFERENCE !  and we thank you!
For those who brought friends or family to help please also give them our thanks and regards.

The next project will be to sort the goods over at the Partage Warehouse in Carouge, which takes several weeks.  Its a 8-12 am job weekdays only and may not work for all but yesterday you did your part.  We will send out information on sorting in next few day.. Also we hope to see you out and about on Nelson Mandela’s International Day of Service with STC or any other service project.

What we do

Serve the City Geneva organizes 4 or 5 events a year, focussing on the people in our midst who most need a helping hand. Each event comprises a number of different activities, such as building maintenance and cleaning, garden maintenance, preparing and serving meals, spending time with handicapped kids, weed-clearing in nearby forests, and so on.

These events are undertaken together with our service providers – organizations which provide help to various members of the community throughout the year.

We do NOT organize regular daily or weekly activities. The local clearing-house for regular volunteer work is the Centre Genevois de Volontariat (only in French!).