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Partage food packages

( July 5, 2020 )

The Partage food packages program is in great swing. Thousands of shopping bags are being filled and distributed each week and Serve the City is proud to be part of this program.

Partage has ask us to fill up some missing volunteer spots on Friday 10 July. (in addition to the Monday / Thursday teams we already have) Signups are available on the website.

Do keep an eye on the STC webpage as we are adding new events as they come in. We are also announcing projects on Facebook and Instagram. STC continues to thank the many of you who are stepping out to help the community !

The STC team.

Newsletter of Events

( June 12, 2020 )

Many, many thanks to our meal and sandwich teams who are doing such a great job for those 2,000 people a week, that we have been able to help feed. It has been fantastic.!.

Now some other projects are available and in need of our help.

The BioParc in Bellevue (formerly Parc Challandes) has been hurt drastically by the Covid-19 lockdown, and needs our help to clean, repair, enhance… Or even walk the camels! We have a number of days available and we hope to see you there.

There is now even a program to allow you to adopt an animal to help feed them! You and your family can adopt any animal from a bee hive to a wallaby! The Lemur is also quite special.

Check out the list on their website BioPark Geneva

Project dates:

Monday 15 and 22 June (1 – 4pm)
Friday 26 June (1 – 4pm)
Saturday 27 June, 11 – 18 – 25 July (9am – 1pm)

Projects include: cage renovation, using power tools, building natural hedges, reviving the wallaby enclosure, and more. Sign up on the STC website

Route de Valavran, 33
1293 – BELLEVUE (GE)

Carrefour Rue needs help to get it’s free clothing store ready for distribution of donated goods. On Saturday 20 June we need a few volunteers to help move out the winter clothes and move in summer goods.. We could use a French speaking Project Leader to help with the organisation.

Event will be from 9h00 to 13h00 at: 154 route de Malagnou, Chene Bougeries.

Do bring masks & gloves are provided.

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If you want to practice your Spanish.. click below. looks like fun.

compliments of: Debora Malca and the • Alkimia Agency • team

Serve the City wants to extend a Huge Thank you

( June 10, 2020 )

to all those who helped feed 1000 hungry a week thru the past several weeks.  Fantastic work from all those who have participated and supported us. We have lost the use of our kitchen but are looking for alternatives since physical distancing is still in effect.  Soup kitchens are still forced to provide take-away meals as they cannot open their seating areas.

Serve the City/Geneva partnered with Armée du Salut and chef Walter el Nagar, to develop an important food providing project during Covid19 confinement period. As you may know or anticipate, the soup kitchens serving hot meals before Covid19  crisis were closed during the confinement. They shifted their efforts to providing sandwiches for take-away. The project we developed was to continue serving the people in need but offering something more wholesome and balanced in nutrition than a sandwich alone over an extended period of time. Sponsors, such as Lunden Energy have be very critical in making this and other STC programs possible. 
Chef Walter el Nagar stepped up to mobilize his network of chefs working in Geneva area. As all restaurants were closed, we were able to receive volunteering support from many chefs and chef helpers. Our project started with making 200 meals each day for up to 5 days a week. We started at the beginning of May and will continue until mid-June. Each day a different chef and helping staff is coming to the kitchen of Armee du Salut, the meals are being prepared and refrigerated to be delivered to four soup-kitchen locations, the next day. For delivery of the meals, we again receive support from our precious volunteers. Delivery volunteers arrive with their cars and distribute the food timely everyday. As we are heading into the final week of the project, we would like to recognize and thank all our volunteers taking part in the project whether small or big. Overall, it was a huge effort and we would like to say a special thank you to Walter el Nagar for being the backbone of the project. Also thanks to Alain Meuwly, the Director of Armée Du Salut at Hotel Bel’Esperance, for facilitating the use of the SA kitchen to serve food for beyond their specific centers. 

Volunteers preparing lunches
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Please help!!

( June 2, 2020 )

We need a couple of new helpers for Tuesdays for the month of June. Sandwich making once a week at home, for the Mt.Brillant Soup Kitchen take-away. We need volunteers to make 70 sandwiches each week , to be delivered at 10am (ish). More data will then be provided on signup.

FANTASTIC responses for STC servers!!!

( May 30, 2020 )

20 positions filled in 90 minutes..

You are all fantastic..  Sorry we couldn’t take more now.. but with the Swiss rule changes we may be able to offer more opportunities soon.. Keep in Touch..

Here is what 200 meals look like and a little video of making sandwiches at home.. 

making 200 meals

many thanks!!!!