Serve The City Geneva

Carrefour Rue needs help


Greetings to volunteers..

We have been looking around for ways to Serve the Community in which we live. We have been given a suggestion that just might work. (Request shown below)

If we could find 3 volunteers, to make 70 wrapped sandwiches, once per week (each Tuesday or Wednesday) and deliver them behind the train station at the Mt. Brilliant Soup kitchen at 10h to prepare packages. Perhaps a team of 4-5 could prepare 200 sandwiches!? (offsite)

We could feed the normal 200 people a day that normally eat there.

.. re supplies, expenses and other logistics, will need to be determined.

Hopefully it should be no problem to get Tuna, Mayo, bread from Partage. Perhaps other sandwich options, but we will have to first see if we have the sandwich makers available. and perhaps a Swiss living Project leader to look after logistics. It might be difficult for those living in France to participate.

Do signup on the website if this might be something you might be able to do…to serve.

—Carrefour Rue request.


We try to prepare take-out meals. We work with a reduced team to limit the risks. Could cooks prepare sandwiches or trays at home or on their premises once or twice a week? Could someone deliver to the Garden? We are looking for equipment, such as oven mitts or packaging containers, and food that should not be cooked (cookies, cake, quiches). Look what is possible and tell me.

Thank you for your support and take care of yourself.

Take Care!


Yann – Carrefour Rue Mt.Brilliant Soup kitchen

Croix-Rouge suisse / Swiss Red Cross


Dear volunteers,

STC has been trying to find ways of serving the community. Many of our Service Providers have told us, that for the time being they will not use volunteers, as to not endanger their “clients” nor endanger the volunteers. The Red Cross has offered help to the communities, a limited controlled service program. This requires a limited knowledge of French but it is one of best offers STC can suggest at this time.. On our facebook page you should see a number of ways to help your neighbours by looking after them, on a personal basis. So for you French Speakers we offer this option:—

Madame, Monsieur,

Si vous souhaitez vous engager bénévolement à la Croix-Rouge pour venir en aide aux personnes malades du Coronavirus ou touchées par les mesures décidées par les cantons ou la confédération, merci de bien vouloir remplir le formulaire que vous trouverez en cliquant sur le lien suivant :énévolat-corona

Pour votre information, la Croix-Rouge genevoise se mobilise actuellement pour mettre en place un plan de solidarité en collaboration directe avec les communes du canton de Genève. En effet, en parallèle de cet e-mail, nous sommes en train de contacter les communes afin de pouvoir définir ensemble les personnes isolées qui ont besoin d’aide.

Dans le cadre de ce plan, vous serez amené-e à soutenir des personnes en quarantaine ou isolées (sans contact direct) en effectuant différentes tâches telles que faire les courses, aller à la pharmacie, apporter un réconfort régulier par téléphone, etc.

Cependant, nous ne pourrons pas vous proposer d’effectuer des transports ou des gardes d’enfants.

La Croix-Rouge genevoise se mobilise fortement pour déployer des missions bénévoles sur le canton cependant nous ne pouvons pas vous garantir l’assurance d’un engagement ou d’un engagement immédiat. Nous vous tiendrons au courant au plus vite.

Par avance, nous vous remercions de votre mobilisation et en cette période inédite, prenez soin de vous.

Bien cordialement,

David Muller


Dear volunteers,

If you wish to volunteer with the Red Cross to help people suffering from Coronavirus or affected by the measures decided by the cantons or the confederation, please fill out the form which you will find by clicking on the following link:énévolat-corona

For your information, the Geneva Red Cross is currently mobilizing to set up a solidarity plan in direct collaboration with the municipalities of the canton of Geneva. In fact, in parallel with this email, we are in the process of contacting the municipalities so that we can define together the isolated people who need help.

As part of this plan, you will be required to support people in quarantine or isolated (without direct contact) by performing various tasks such as shopping, going to the pharmacy, providing regular comfort by phone, etc.

However, we may not be able to offer transportation or babysitting services.

The Geneva Red Cross is strongly mobilized to deploy voluntary missions in the canton, however we cannot guarantee you the assurance of an engagement or an immediate engagement. We will keep you posted as soon as possible.

In advance, we thank you for your mobilization and in this unprecedented period, take care of yourself.

Best regards,

David Muller


Bénévolat & Activités ponctuelles

STC International Notes and Carrefour Rue/Aboudaby


To Serve the City Geneva volunteers,

Here is a message from our founder, and president of STC International:

Dear leaders and volunteers, dear friends and family

We are facing something unique in our lifetimes. Who are we in this crisis? This may be a defining moment for Serve the City. Will we still serve? Can we provide global leadership in volunteering?

As is often the case, binary options are the only things on offer: 1, if the world is safe, live your normal lives (which may or may not include care for people in need); or 2, now, in a crisis, retreat and drop everything (including care for people in need).

Courage means we are the people of a third option. In a crisis, how can we follow wise precautions and yet still engage with people in need? It’s time to be creative – and to provide global leadership for creative volunteering.

Case in point: we have set 9 May aside as our Global Volunteer Day. What to do? Cancel it? No! Make it a bigger deal than we had imagined! Make a stronger commitment to it than we had previously considered! We won’t be able to gather in large numbers, but we can come up with creative ways of contacting and supporting people in need that others around the world can imitate.

Let the brainstorming begin! Here’s what Wade, a long-term friend of STC, wrote to me last night:

‘Maybe serving is getting groceries for someone who is quarantined, delivering medicine, dropping off books. Maybe it’s not self-protective at all – helping at hospitals and medical centres. Maybe it’s just sitting in public spaces and talking to people with love and reassurance. Given the STC community, I’ll be very interested and excited to see what they come up with.’

Come on! What are your ideas? Please let’s brainstorm ways of serving people in need in this crisis so we can send a strong message to the world that, especially now, many people doing small things together can make a big difference.

Kindness starts with me,


Send your thoughts & ideas to or enter you suggestions on our Facebook account.

Carrefour Rue , who as a very special service provider for the marginalised people of the community, as one of their several activities, collect clothing and give it away. Strange.. but true.. Their distribution point is a place called Aboudaby, located 154 Rte de Malagnou Chêne Bougeries. They are in need of about 10 volunteers to switch over the winter clothes to a spring/summer collection. Perhaps some other sorting !? The date is Saturday 21 March, 9:30 to 15:00. A BBQ lunch will be provided. Bring hand wipes/perhaps to share, as there is no hot water. If someone is willing to take over the Project Leader position, do let us know in your signup comments. Do signup on our website

Many thanks,

The STCG team.

March Newsletter


Dear volunteers, Voix Libres («Free Voices») is one of our long-term Service Provider friends, who for years have helped the women of the mines, women of the streets and their children in Bolivia. They help the communities thru the selling of quinoa and Bolivian handcrafted products. This Thursday 12 March, 3 p.m., they need 5 helpers to move the products from their cellar storage rooms, to their upstairs offices. On Friday morning the goods will be loaded straight into trucks for transport at 7 a.m. Two volunteers are required for this task, too. We know it is short notice, but if you can join them (even for only one hour or two), either the Thursday team or the Early Bird Friday team, please sign up on the website: STC Sign-in here.

Many thanks,

The STCG team.

Bioparc Genève


Dear STC volunteers,

Last year you kindly volunteered to help at the Challandes zoo, which has now been renamed as ‘Bioparc’ and recognized as a foundation, so lots of positive changes. To help this change we are going to work alongside scouts this coming Saturday, so if you are available and interested, then please sign up, bring a friend and just let me know.

7 March – Saturday 9-1 for up to 10 helpers. Building a natural hedge, collecting/cutting logs and branches, alongside the Geneva scouts who will work on a compost project to support the sustainability of the park. People can bring wheelbarrows, spades, gloves and a smile! Mid-morning snacks and drinks will be provided.

21 March – Same again….more natural hedge work but more details will follow.

Many thanks,

The STCG team.