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New Year’s Eve



Nous avons reçu une demande de CARREFOUR-RUE qui recherche des bénévoles pour la soirée de Réveillon du 31 décembre au JARDIN DE MONTBRILLANT, lieu d’accueil et de restauration qui offre un repas chaud (200 chaque jour) aux personnes démunies (en-dessus de la gare Cornavin) .

Tâches demandées aux bénévoles (à choix) :

10h -12h (env.) : préparation et décoration de la salle

dès 19h : briefing, service et repas des bénévoles (20h).

Il y aura une animation musicale d’une heure environ. Fin de la soirée à la convenance des bénévoles, selon disponibilité.

Si vous avez envie de participer à cette soirée de solidarité, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter (CGV) ou directement CARREFOUR-RUE  au 022 734 67 60 (Mme Florent), en nous informant de votre engagement.

Centre Genevois du Volontariat (CGV)
T: +41(0)22 736 82 42

Un grand merci pour votre intérêt!

Meilleures salutations

Holiday Newsletter


Dear volunteers,

Samedi du Partage was a great success, and a good time was had by all! .
Feeding 2,000 of the needy in Geneva is always a good feeling.

NOW we have to sort the collected goods. We have 3 days open.
Friday 14 & 21 December, and Wednesday 2 Jan 8h-12h in Carouge

Starting 12 January every Saturday we send 2 volunteers to serve a Special Gourmet lunch to those who may never be able to enjoy such a meal. 11.30 to 13:30 Please only sign up for 4 dates using Doodle link.

We are working with Service organizations who are organizing Christmas and New Years functions. If you would like to be notified as the project are confirmed, please sign up..

The Mt Brilliant soup kitchen is still a regular every other Tuesday option. hot lunch for up to 200 per day.. 11 Dec. is our last 2018 date and our next event will start in Jan.

Happy Holidays to everyone !!

Serve the City volunteers


Urgent ..  We have a few more slots open for the Partage food collection. So please look and sign up now.
Saturday is coming up VERY fast.
News..  If you are in the Lausanne Area.. There is a New Partage offered (also on Saturday) in Lausanne stores offered by Caritas.   You can sign up for more information on our website, although we are just learning about it.
Thanks to all who participated in the Voix Libres project Tuesday, it was greatly appreciated. They continue to have projects to support primarily the orphans of Bolivia and are always happy for you to drop in and assist with any of their activities.    You can indicate your interest on our website under Current Activities.


November Newsletter


Attention STC Servers – Prepare for a Serve the Servers Dinner Part 2. Sat. 17 November 7pm

A group called X-men have a special proposal, for all those who have served the community through Serve the City Geneva. If you have a red STC T-shirt read on, as this is the price of admission.

This group of X-traordinary men wants to honor those who have served the community. A Bar-B-Que and trimmings is their way of thanking STC volunteers for the hours of work they have done. Volunteers are the heart of our organization and they want to show us their appreciation. The event will take place in Ferney-Voltaire at ch. de la Brunette, in fellowship hall, Crossroads church building. Please sign up at the STC website.

Mid Nov.

Voix Libres a center to support orphans and single moms in Bolivia have a container arriving and they could use some help moving a container load of quinoa and hand made goods into their store just behind the train station. Because we are not sure of the date, signups are only to be able to notify those who are interested, if the date then works for you. Other options mentioned on our webpage are also available thru Voix Libres.

*** Please consider this great event for the community,
and STC is looking for 60 to 90 volunteers ***

23 Nov. Samedi du Partage on Friday… Migros Meyrin 15h to 19:30 food collection

24 Nov. the true Samedi du Partage currently offering 4 stores..any one of 3 shifts, 8-12,12-3, & 3-6pm.

  • Aldi Chêne-Bourg (2 volunteers per shift)
  • Aldi Petit-Lancy (6)
  • Migros Meyrin (8)
  • Coop Grand-Saconnex (2)

October Newsletter


Dear volunteers

Here are some of the upcoming events for which you can sign up on the STC website


This year, the 20KM de Genève running race is a fundraiser during international Breast Cancer Awareness month. They are in need of 10-20 volunteers from 7:30 – 11:00 in Pregny Chambesy.

Here is the text from the race organisers:

We are seeking Race Marshalls for the 20km of Geneva by Genève Aéroport on Sunday 7th October.

The Race Marshall must secure key points of the course by ensuring good cohabitation between runners, spectators and motorists.

On the 20km of Geneva, we would like humanitarian / social associations to help us on this specific mission.

We therefore offer you to take over the Pregny-Chambésy sector from 7.30am to 11am for which we are looking for up to 10-20 volunteers.

Equipped with the T-shirt of the organization, you will also receive a pack lunch and you will be supervised by a manager of the Pregny-Chambésy sector on the day of the event. This person will give you the necessary material as well as useful information on the day of the race.

Merci pour votre aide et très bon weekend à vous,

Antoine Ollivier
Responsable bénévoles – 20km de Genève by Genève Aéroport

M: +41 78 684 81 21


A Rocha is committed to the conservation and restoration of the natural world through both scientific research and practical conservation projects. The specific event location will be posted soon.


For several years we have been assembling teams to help unload a container of Bolivan products from trucks to a basement storage room with a line of volunteers. Other ways of helping this special organization are listed below.

Voix Libres is a shop near the main train station that is an international humanitarian association, which operates in Bolivia to offer alternatives to child labour in the mines, fields, garbage dumps and streets. STC is proud to have been working with their team for past 6 years. Some of their upcoming events are listed should you be interested in volunteering with them.


  • Volunteers for events: VL needs a lot of volunteers for selling their products and also for promoting the NGO
    • 5 – 18 November: Selling exhibition at Manor Vevey
    • 3 November- Orvin près de Bienne
    • 20 October (approx) container de Bolivie – they need 20 volunteers and it will be helpful if someone of them will have some vans/ trucks
  • 3 October- 19h – they will have a “soirée portes ouvertes” regarding information about VL. They said that it will be beneficial for the interested volunteers to come because it will be a good opportunity to more about their activities, mission and vision (a highly recommended training based on my own experience)
  • Shop:during the week and on Saturday (flexible hours)- they said that they need more a woman who likes to sell and understands the importance of their work and the impact of each article sold on the women’s life who became entrepreneurs in Bolivia (after they went through slavery in the mines or victims of domestic violence).
  • Traslations: VL need always volunteers for translations either for their financial statements, projects, donors, etc. The priority is their site, who is currently under construction. The french version will be created by their own team and then they need the translation.

The translations are mostly required are from:

  1. French- English/ English- French
  2. Spanish- French/ French- Spanish
  3. Spanish- English/ English- French


Bellevue Parc Challendes Zoo

The project aims to support Parc Challendes in Bellevue, Switzerland. Parc Challendes is a non-profit organization that rehabilitates and shelters animals who are either abandoned, lost or hurt. We need your help and energy to complete this project, which includes refurbishing an enclosure and updating the grounds for visitors. This project is lead by a long time STC volunteer who is combining this service project with a leadership assignment for a Scouting Eagle Award.

The work is scheduled over the weekend of October 20th and 21st, from 9am-5pm (rain or shine!). Any time you can give would be appreciated! Please confirm your time slot (why not both days😉?). Help us to help these animals, THANK YOU!

P.S. Please bring gloves and/or a shovel (if you have one) and lunch. Drinks and snacks will be provided to all.


Expat Expo Help at the STC information stand.

Starling Hotel & Conference Center

next to Palexpo November 4th, 2018 9h to 17h


Samdi du PARTAGE food collection program at markets in Geneva (also on Friday)

pick a shift; 8-12, 12-15,or 15-18


Your STC team