Serve The City Geneva

After Partage

Many many thanks for such a great job on Saturday. The total results are not in yet but Serve the City did a great job at the five stores under our concern. We had about 45 volunteers during the day and, thanks to the generosity of the shoppers of Geneva, we collected a great deal of food for those less fortunate.
On the downside, we did have high number of no-shows for the various time slots. This puts a heavy burden on the ones who do come to help, on the organizers who have to try to fill empty slots and on the stores that have given time and space to feed the needy. If any of you feel you may fall into the no-show category as you cannot really commit, it might be better to remove yourself from the mailing list as STC is trying to serve with reliable dependable, consistency. Many thanks again. 

Many thanks to our volunteers at Voix Libres !

We then jump to Thursday 22 June for the first of our five days of sorting the 140 tons of food just collected.

On Saturday 24 June, we are looking for 4-5 gardeners to bit a clearing at the Ronald McDonald apartments..

Jumping to Wednesday 28 June, we are helping out at a party for disabled kids at the Clair Bois centre in Lancy.

A Painting party at a partner of the Salvation Army who could use some freshing up.. 28 June

We then have an outdoor conservation activity with A Rocha on Saturday 15 July.

We are also looking for help to set up other events for Nelson Mandela day in mid-July , and we have a couple of events in September. We could use help with a project leader for the annual Paddle for Cancer DragonBoat Festival, which will be taking place on the first weekend of September at the Lac de Joux Project Leader filled, but event very open, not to mention that STC has been asked to help serve 2000 lunches on Saturday 23 Sept at

Other projects will also be coming up so keep checking. We love to have you book early, but PLEASE, if things change and you can’t make it, do let us know! This is essential in order for us to make alternative arrangements and ensure that we can honour our commitments to our partners, and most importantly so that we don’t let the beneficiaries down.
Thank you and best regards

June Newsletter

Dear STC Friends,

Many thanks for all the early sign-ups over the past few weeks. We have had over 60 volunteers for various summer events – but we still need another 60! So get your friends and neighbors involved and help them find the perfect activity for them to serve the marginalized of the community.

Partage – collecting and sorting

Our next event is the Samedi de Partage food collection on Saturday, 17 June. We could really use your help for this very special service project.You can sign up individually or as a small group of 4-8 – just let us know when you signup and we will place you together at one of our stores. The shifts are only 3-4 hours and many people signup for 2 sessions. Check out the slots availableat the Get Involved page on

This year, for the first time, the Partage food collection is also running on the afternoon of Friday, 16 June! Do join in at Migros Meyrin from 2–6pm for a special test collection if you’re free.

After the collection, the food and other items collected need to be sorted at the Partage warehouse in July. We are still in need of volunteers for this so pick a date via the Get Involved page and enjoy the morning.

Ronald McDonald gardening

The little gardening project at the Ronald McDonald house providing beds for families of hospitalized children has turned into a major cutting and chopping project! A hedge needs to be cut back and tree needs to be trimmed. We will provide electric clippers and a trailer if a few volunteers can help one Saturday (to be decided according to the volunteers’ availability). A perfect project for gardeners at heart who are stuck in an apartment with no place to cut, chop and toss. A team of 4-5 would be great on Saturday the 24th of June and the staff will very graciously provide lunch. Sign up at the Get Involved page letting us know your availability and we will contact the volunteers to arrange a date. See the photos of the garden below:




Clair-Bois party

A great chance to work with some really great kids.
Clair-Bois Lancy, an organization welcoming multi-disabled kids and adolescents from 10 to 18 years, has asked for help for their end-of-year party, which is taking place on 28 June from 1.30 to 6pm at the Petit Lancy community centre (salle communale).

They need 10 volunteers to manage the games stand (explain the rules of the games) and the snack buffet and to help cleanup after the party and one DJ taking care of a diversified choice of music for the adolescents.

The volunteers for this activity need to have at least a basic knowledge of French or to be accompanied by someone who speaks French if possible.

If you are available, please sign-up at the Get Involved page and we will send you more details.

Voix Libres – Unloading a container

Voix libres is an international association whos goal is to offer alternatives to child labour in the mines, fields, garbage dumps and streets of Bolivia. On 20 June they have a container arriving and could use help unloading at their offices behind the train station. Please sign-up here and we will send you further information.

A Rocha – Mandela Day

To honour Nelson Mandela International Day of Service, we will be joining once again with environmental charity A Rocha to clear invasive plants from a swamp area near Jussy on Saturday, 15 July. Gloves and tools provided – just bring your enthusiasm (and some wellies)! Sign up via the Get Involved page.

The Meal

Volunteers will be needed to help serve and clean up after “The Meal – Repas du terroir” on Plainpalais on Saturday, 23 September. Sign up at the usual place: Get Involved!

Project leader search

The annual Paddle for Cancer Dragon Boat Festival will be taking place on the first weekend of September. We are looking for someone to manage about 10 volunteers for this event. If you are willing, please contact for more information.

We are always looking for project leaders and people to liaise with partners so contact us ifyou have a couple of free hours per week to help us set up events.

Thank you and best regards

Serve the City Geneva

Summer 2017 Activities

A lot is happening sooner than you think. On the 17th of June, Geneva is sponsoring their Samedi du Partage,  in which they hope to collect 150 tons of non perishable food for the less fortunate people of the city.  Of the 75 stores participating STC Geneva has 5 stores in which we will be filling 3 shifts of volunteers to pass out shopping bags to customers to encourage them to participate in feeding the needy. A great opportunity to get out and help others. This collection will help feed 900 people a day for the next 3 months.  Signups are on our “Get Involved” page and you can sign up for any store or better yet,  just request to be assigned where needed. Bring a friend or bring your family.
            This year is a special experiment where we are offering a Friday opportunity to get about 8 volunteers to work at the Migros in Meyrin on Friday, the 16th of June from 14h00 to 18h00 should that suit you better.

Next opportunity in the queue is the sorting of the collected products. This will take place over a span of 5 weeks with 5 separate dates available to participate.
Thursday, 22nd June
Monday, 26th June
Wednesday, 5th July
Friday, 14th July    (French national day…)
Tuesday, 18th July
This job of preparing the donations for distribution will take place at the Partage warehouse in Carouge from 8am to noon. More details on all events will be sent later.

A painting job is required for a great friend of the Salvation Army. A psychology office that has been a great help to the Salvation Army and its mission through the years. is in need of refreshment and would like a team of 4-5 to put on a coat of paint. All equipment provided. A date has not yet be set, depending on availability of volunteers.  We can start with first or second Wednesday or Saturday in June? (or if you have a team select a day.)
For Nelson Mandela International Day of service (15th July) we have several events to serve the city. We will start taking signups in mid June.
On 23 September you could indicate your interest in serving a lunch for 2,000 people on the Plaine de Plainpalais.  We are looking for 20 volunteers to serve the buffet (11:30) and 5 to help fold and store tables at 4:45.

For those with a green thumb, we have just the thing for you. Ronald McDonald house by the HUG hospital could use a couple of gardeners to plant a few flowers and pull a few weeds. Normally a 9:30 to noon job with lunch provided. If you have an interested friend, you can pick your own time. Let us know when so we can confirm the day and lunch and we’ll send the details.. The gardens are not that big,  and pick a sunny day and it is a great days outing..

Another opportunity for giving help is Race for Gift this weekend 21st May. All information and subscription can be found on their website. Volunteers still needed!!

Geneva marathon / 4th Cyclotour de Leman

On May 6th and 7th, the Harmony Geneva marathon for Unicef is happening again !
For the 13th time now runners will cross the city of Geneva. Organising that is quite a job so plenty of volunteers are necessary. There’s something for everyone with about 10 different types of jobs that can be done : being at the departure or at the finish line, distributing the number tags, doing logistics, distributing food & drinks for the runners, clean-up etc.
Sign up on the Geneva Marathon website :

On May, 21st, the 4th Cyclotour de Leman takes place.
They have a big need of volunteers as well to do similar activities. Don’t hesitate and sign up immediately at :

Keep serving !
Serve the City Geneva