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Partage Saturday / Partage Sorting


Dear STC Volunteer,

in a short time we will be contributing to the semi-annual Samedi du Partage, which will take place on Saturday 2 June. This is a brilliant event in which hundreds of volunteers work in 75+ different stores in Geneva encouraging shoppers to share with the needy of the city. Last year, over 450 tons of goods were generously contributed by the public and used to provide meals to over 900 people a day for 6 months. STC takes part in this great project every year, and we hope that you will be willing to contribute 3 to 4 hours of your time for this very special programme.

We have been offered the chance to participate in the smaller-scale early collection on the afternoon of Friday 1 June, for which we need teams for Migros Meyrin (6 people) and Coop Florissant (4 people) from 15h to 19h30. Those who can, please help us on the Friday!

On Saturday 2 June, we will be covering five stores across Geneva (of the 75+ participating stores) and your help to fill those teams would be much appreciated. Our five stores are Migros Meyrin (fully booked), Aldi Chêne-Bourg, Aldi Petit-Lancy, Coop Grand-Saconnex and Migros Tourelle (Petit-Saconnex). Choose to serve from 8h to 12h, from 12h to15h or from 15h to 18h.

If you can’t take part in the collection itself, don’t worry! We will also be helping to sort the goods collected in June and July. (see below)

Signups for Sorting on will open on Friday 18 May.. Sign up for the Partage collection NOW!


Partage Sorting:

It’s that time again when plans are being made for the sorting of the collection of the donations from Samedi du Partage.

We have the following dates all set for STC Geneva to come help out with the sorting at the

Partage Foundation, Rue Blavignac 16, 1227 Carouge

June :

– Thursday 7

– Friday 8

July :

– Wednesday 4

– Friday 6

– Wednesday 11

– Friday 13

– Friday 20

Last year there were nearly 140 tons of donations collected and STC Geneva helped with the sorting then too. This year we may expect the same if not more. Especially with a few stores starting collections on Friday.

We at Serve the City Geneva are extremely grateful for all the volunteers, that give up their time to help out with the sorting and hope this year again we have a lot of signups to make this one a success again.

As usual the activity starts at 8:00 am and runs until 12:00 pm. We recommend that volunteers arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of time to gather for a quick briefing and put on their Red T-shirts and begin at 8:00.

Thank you again for your participation at this Project

STC Geneva


We are still taking signups for volunteers at the LaGarenne Zoo in Vaud..   9:30 on Saturday.. 12 May 


Many Many thanks!, to all who have signed up for the current projects. For those who didn’t  manage to find a suitable project or day.. Hopefully you can be part of the June teams when we can use over 100 volunteers to collect and sort food for the needy of Geneva. We should start signups in a couple of weeks..  

If you have moved or want off the mailing, please let us know..!

Status on current service events..:

    *  a zoo  located in Vaud.  Event moved to 12 May

Unfortunately we had NO signups for this Saturday.. Unfortunate because it is a lovely place to visit.  Up in the Jura mountains above Gland who do wonderful work specialising in European fauna from birds, foxes to badgers, plus breeding endangered raptors.  Great family event.

     *  located in Bellevue. 1 or 2 places available.

    *  Ronald  COMPLETE.. Thank you.

    *  Aboudaby ,sort clothing  RESCHEDULED no date yet

    *  12 May  Early Bird Breakfast for Salvation Army Shelter..  COMPLETE Thank you

    —  12 May   We have a couple of teams being formed so at the moment COMPLETE

    —  Salvation Army Soup Kitchen in the Paquis  COMPLETE Thank you!    

    —  La Garenne Weekdays propose a date and we set something up.

Thanks to all !!  home to see you in June…


Thanks to all who signed up for the Ronald McDonalds Garden project. Its now closed.
However if you want to put a smile on your face, like the Belview Zoo team below.. Signups are still available.

IMG_5384 IMG_5380 IMG_5378 IMG_5376


Serve the City International Day of Service


Dear volunteers,

We have several projects set up for the coming days and hope you can find something that interests you in serving the community in which we live!

We have two Zoo projects that are environmental in nature with organisations that assist animals in danger and inform the community about their plight and their specific needs. One is located in nearby Vaud and the other in Bellevue.

–Saturday May 5 events start at 9:30

* is located in Vaud. Ideally, we need people carpentry or those with experience or knowledge of how to work with wood. One of the projects is to help us restore a pergola,(an arched structure consisting of a framework covered with climbing or trailing plants.) The work consists of removing weeds, smoothing the soil, and cleaning the woodwork on and around the canopy. Additionally, the information boards need to be cleaned up, as well as the outside of the enclosures and the reception building (including the glass panels). So there is lots to do and we hope for a good team to do it! (6+) persons

* located in Bellevue is a the continuation of a beautification project. the Parc Animalier is working on preparing additional and improved habitats for its birds and animals. (6+ persons)

*Ronald The Ronald McDonald house is a gardening project. They need help with garden maintenance and flower planting. (3 Persons)

* Carrefour Rue has a donated clothing facility called Aboudaby ,154, rte de Malagnou . They have many clothes and donation items to sort and prepare for distribution. (6 persons)

* Saturday 12 May Early Bird Breakfast for Salvation Army Shelter.. 6:30 feed 40..

The Salvation Army has a shelter with 40 beds near Sujet. It has no kitchen so the residents receive coffee and croissants each morning, and soup & bread for an evening meal.

Serve the City encourages volunteers to prepare and serve a breakfast and/or a dinner for the residents. We would like 2-3 volunteers to pick up and provide a breakfast with fruit, cereal, perhaps eggs or pancakes etc. using a hot plate on the facility. STC can provide funds for the project.

— Saturday 12 May We would like a team of 3-4 to prepare a dinner off site for the Salvation Army Shelter and bring it in for18:30 (i.e. would include preparation of the meal /delivery to site /serving meal /cleanup) At least one of the volunteers needs to propose a menu and others can volunteer to help prepare and deliver. It is often prepared at someone’s home or even by different volunteers in their homes and then served together at the shelter.

— Saturdays 12-26 May Back up support for the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen in the Paquis 9:30pm to 11:30pm at the Presbyterian Church. We need 1 person to fill-in for each of 3 Saturday evenings.

— Open La Garenne prefers teams to come during the week so if you have a team of 4-6 and would like to learn more about this Zoo/hospital, do let us know and we can propose a date with them.. (Like a Wednesday after noon for example)

— Open The Salvation Army Shelter also appreciates teams willing to provide a dinner for their residents. They would love to book a date with you..

If anyone would be willing to Project Leader for any of the above activities please note in comments or send us a email..

For more news on Serve the City International Day of Service, please check

Calendar update

April 2018
– Monday 7 May: Montbrillant Soup Kitchen – not actually a soup kitchen this time but a POP-UP gourmet dinner for the needy.
       Walter, our gourmet chef, and several of his cooking friends are planning a special meal for the customers of the soup kitchen. Two seatings of 50 people each, at 18h00 and 19h30 at the Jardin de Montbrillant.
He needs 4 volunteers to help prep and serve from 15h.  **fully booked  thanks.. **
– Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesdays   Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Paquis  21:30 to 23:30  backups requested thru June.
April 2018 

— Saturday 21   Zoo Challendes Bellevue Beautification Project 9:30 – 15h   drop in.
– Tuesday 24: Montbrillant soup kitchen  – 7 volunteers – fully booked, Thank You!!
May 2018 
– Saturday 5: Serve the City International’s Global Volunteer Day – 
                  several events will be on offer; keep an eye out for details.
 June 2018
– Friday 1: Friday early-bird Partage collection at  – 2 stores ( not confirmed )
– Saturday 2: Samedi du Partage – 5 stores, 50 volunteers, 8h – 18h (split into 3 shifts)
– Thursday 7: Partage sorting – 10 volunteers each day for 9 days, 8h to 12h
– Friday 8 : Partage sorting
— Saturday 16 : Cerebral Genève is celebrating his 60th anniversary. We’ll need some help for our Family Day. The event will start from 11:00 am to 10-11:00 p.m. and will be organized in the garden of our building in Onex.
July 2018 
– Wednesday 4: Partage sorting
– Friday 6: Partage sorting
– Wednesday 11: Partage sorting  ***fully booked** 
– Thursday 12 : Partage sorting
– Friday 13: Partage sorting
– Friday 20 : Partage sorting
– Saturday 17: Nelson Mandela International Day of Service – 
                                several events will be on offer.
September 2018 
– Paddle for Cancer (Sunday) 5-10 volunteers
– TheMeal (30 volunteers) 
Many thanks..   The STC team