Serve The City Geneva

November Newsletter


Friday and Saturday, November 22nd and 23rd Samedi de Partage

Samedi de Partage is coming up soon and we will need help at all 6 of our stores! This time, please note that the Fridays will be open for Partage as well, so we will need people to cover Fridays as well! You can use this link to learn a bit about what happens at Partage:


Wednesday, December 11th Fun Christmas Event for Clair Blois children from 10h.30 to 18h:00 (with breaks)

We have a big Christmas Party planned for the Handicapped kids over at Clair Bois. This is a wonderful time to help entertain the kids (and their care givers). Parents too will be part of the festivities. If any of you sing, dance, juggle or play an instrument do consider participating in the animation part of the program. STC will be hosting by serving the drinks, the food goodies, setup/clean-up, decorations etc. Do come and be a part of this heartwarming event. We want to give the care-givers and staff a much-deserved break!

Complete details of options will be provided to you upon signing up. If you don’t see an option that suits you or you have date conflicts you can also sign-out of the event so we can find replacements.

Event: Wednesday, December 11th 10h30 to 18h (with breaks). If available we need help the day before for setup. (10 Dec.)


Tuesdays and Thursdays Aboudaby needs an additional volunteer

Aboudaby, the centre for distribution of donated clothing, is composed of two men and one woman. The team would like to have another woman. Location is154 Route de Malagnou Chêne-Bougeries,

We need a person who is:

Cheerful, positive, contact loving, respectful of people (no bleak spirit) and dynamic, to work on a volunteer basis on Tuesday and/or Friday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm. Some French would be helpful.

You can sign up on our website or contact Vince Fasciani who is in charge of Aboudaby and volunteer recruitment. His phone number is 079 944 59 17.

Samedi du Partage


Dear volunteers,

If you have never been able to participate in a project; Now is the time!

Twice a year there is an event called Samedi du Partage, where 150 tons of food is collected at 80 stores in Geneva!!
This great program serves over 2,000 marginalized people of the community thru dozens of Social service communities.

This year they have added many new stores, also collecting on Friday afternoon from 3pm. This is normally a difficult time for volunteers. But if possible do consider helping out at this 22 Nov.

On Saturday the 23rd Serve the City will be hosting 7 stores, with 3 shifts each. 8 to noon, 12 to 3pm , and 3pm to 6pm. Our stores are currently located in Meyrin, Petit-Lancy, Grand-Saconnex and Grand Lancy. Do get on the website – sign in – and sign up for one of the events.

Keep in touch for more projects in coming weeks!

Last Chance!!! At least for the BBQ registration for this Saturday..


However, not to worry! You are still welcome to drop by. You must just bring your own lunch 🙂

We will have some speeches , testimonies, movie clips, music, introductions and more.
We very much hope you will stop by and say hello.

We know you Servers don’t seem to like to be recognized !?!?! But we are trying anyway. And very much appreciate what you are doing for the community. We sent out 22 invitations for those who work serving at the Salvation Army. Zero elected to come to a meal offered by them to their helpers ! The restaurant 5th day wanted to celebrate their 1 year anniversary with a thank-you evening. Over 40 STC volunteers and service providers were invited.. but so few signed up; it hat to be cancelled..

Please come and join us.. Please sign up NOW on the web site, for sure by Wednesday (for food planning) Thanks..

Several more events will be coming up in the next few weeks , do keep in touch.

We will be taking bookings for the first of a couple of events for the handicapped kids at Clair Bois.

Our big event where we could use about 100 volunteers is the Partage Food collection, and later Sorting of the collected food.. Of course we have Mt. Brillant, Salvation Army & 5th day food kitchens, all working.

Thanks for being so faithful..

The Serve the City Geneva team..

P.S. We have a separate signup if you want to contribute to Saturdays event.

We could use 2 more servers help set up the show, need disc jockey to bring a playlist, We could use a few more potato salads, or reasonable substitute.. Merci..



Dear STC team.

We thank you for signing up with Serve the City Geneva !! We appreciate your interest in serving the community.

Our records indicate that some of you have been receiving our newsletters for long time but have not yet participated in any activity. If you have moved or just want to be taken off the mailing list please reply w/ Subject: REMOVE, right now. No explanation required.

A special thanks to all those who have signed up to help at TheMeal this Saturday. It should be a great day!

We would like to meet you and give you more information on what STC does and who we work with. Why not join us and say hello to the STC team at the BBQ on 28 Sept. at 11ish.. We will have an introduction to some of the projects we are currently working on and would like to provide you with an introduction to the International side of STC and our future plans. Please stop by, as we would be more than happy to see you and talk to you about serving. If you have friends or family members who would like to eat with us, that would be just wonderful. Many of our volunteers will be there with their red shirts on to welcome you.

Do get on the website and sign up for the BBQ. (you might also see some other events that might be of interest.

Do Save the Date! Saturday 28 Sept. to be held at the Carrefour Rue Gardens, Rue Baulacre 10, quite near to Cornavin. Start 11 o’clock.

Besides the Bellevue project. We have service options with the Salvation Army. We have a couple of projects with the handicapped kids at Clair Bois. The Partage food collection is coming up soon and lots of help will be appreciated for this fantastic program to provide food and essentials for hundreds of the needy.

Many thanks for your continued support, celebrating 9 years of service to the Geneva and greater communities. The STCG team..