Serve The City Geneva

November Newsletter

( November 7, 2018 )


Attention STC Servers – Prepare for a Serve the Servers Dinner Part 2. Sat. 17 November 7pm

A group called X-men have a special proposal, for all those who have served the community through Serve the City Geneva. If you have a red STC T-shirt read on, as this is the price of admission.

This group of X-traordinary men wants to honor those who have served the community. A Bar-B-Que and trimmings is their way of thanking STC volunteers for the hours of work they have done. Volunteers are the heart of our organization and they want to show us their appreciation. The event will take place in Ferney-Voltaire at ch. de la Brunette, in fellowship hall, Crossroads church building. Please sign up at the STC website.

Mid Nov.

Voix Libres a center to support orphans and single moms in Bolivia have a container arriving and they could use some help moving a container load of quinoa and hand made goods into their store just behind the train station. Because we are not sure of the date, signups are only to be able to notify those who are interested, if the date then works for you. Other options mentioned on our webpage are also available thru Voix Libres.

*** Please consider this great event for the community,
and STC is looking for 60 to 90 volunteers ***

23 Nov. Samedi du Partage on Friday… Migros Meyrin 15h to 19:30 food collection

24 Nov. the true Samedi du Partage currently offering 4 stores..any one of 3 shifts, 8-12,12-3, & 3-6pm.

  • Aldi Chêne-Bourg (2 volunteers per shift)
  • Aldi Petit-Lancy (6)
  • Migros Meyrin (8)
  • Coop Grand-Saconnex (2)