Serve The City Geneva

Seasons Greetings


Dear volunteers,

Serve the City Geneva is in its 7th year and we must thank the community so very much for stepping out to help others less fortunate or to working on environmental projects in our community!  It is so wonderful to work with a team of volunteers who are so willing to do just about anything including gardening, pulling weeds out of swamp areas, setting up parties for handicapped kids, painting, laying carpet, and just taking time out of their busy lives to lend a hand!  We thank you so much for your gifts of personal time and your compassion for the needs of others, as do our service providers!

At the moment we have 1,658 registered volunteers, and we’d like to know what is going on and available.  About 920 of them are already active and wearing red shirts! We are not sure how many of the 1658 are still in town as the our Geneva community tends to involve many comings and goings! And we all know that typing REMOVE is a hard thing to do…!

Here are some things you didn’t want to know;
Of the 1658; 609 are English-only speakers, 14 are French-only, 829 prefer English, 206 prefer French!
1247 are living in Geneva, 223 in France and 188 on the West bank.. perhaps 2 or 3 as far as Lausanne.
This year we have had 50 new registrations. And in the past 6 months, when asked how you heard about STC here are your replys:
Google  16
Friend    4
STC projects 3
Facebook 3
School 11
Radio 74 1
Hello Switzerland 1
… and we thank you, for upping the Friend total !!

We hope you realize that you are making a difference, and how important you are to those fortunate people that you might support in some way!. We also hope that opportunities will continue to arise for you to help others. (And when the opportunity opens, to get to know those without a name.!  )

STC is currently running with a staff of 7 but we really need more help to keep in touch with Service Providers for our 1658 volunteers! Do you have skills in this area?
Do sign up, and pressure us, to give you a chance to lend a hand!
Zou might also help us thru your organizations or on Facebook.

Seasons greetings to each and every one of you,….you are so appreciated!  
The Serve the City Geneva committe