Serve The City Geneva

Serve the City Geneva Newsletter – Carrefour Rue needs help this Wednesday

( May 23, 2022 )

BIG EVENT for WEDNESDAY if you can possibly help out:

Carrefour-Rue has a new place close to the soup Kitchen JdM, where they want to create a social center for the less fortunate and marginalized.
The project is for now called Teflon and the site is at 5 Rue de Montbrillant. Just on the corner from the soup kitchen.
It used to be a restaurant of some type earlier.
Anyway, the place needs to be cleaned up and made ready for the refurbishment.
Wednesday, May 25, CR would like to have some volunteers to help with the clean up. 9:30 on.. If only available in the afternoon let is know in comments

Samedi du Partage 10 & 11 June.
Please hurry up and decide.. as STC has committed to service 7 stores, so thats about 90 volunteers to help collect food and non perishable goods for the needy of Geneva. A fantastic program that collected 350 tons of donations last year.
Take a look at our website and see where you might be able to help