Serve The City Geneva

Up and coming events for Serve the City Geneva in June

( May 8, 2022 )

Clair Bois Party
Wednesday, June 29th Fun End of School Year Event for Clair Blois children from 8h.30 to 18h:00 (with breaks)
We have a big End of school Year Party planned for the Handicapped kids over at Clair Bois. This is a wonderful time to help entertain the kids (and their care givers). Parents too will be part of the festivities. STC will be hosting by serving the drinks, the food goodies, setup/clean-up. Do come and be a part of this heartwarming event. We want to give the care-givers and staff a much-deserved break!
Complete details of options will be provided to you upon signing up. If you don’t see an option that suits you or you have date conflicts you can also sign-out of the event so we can find replacements.
Event: Wednesday, June 29th 8h30 to 18h (with breaks). If available we need help at 8h30 day before for setup!
Signup on the website and use the comments for your availability.
Samedi du Partage
This event is held twice a year, in June and November.
The next collection will take place on June 10 and 11, 2022
The goal is to distribute dedicated shopping bags to customers in partner stores, who can shop for Partage. In 2021, the two editions combined were exceptional. We collected 336 tons of products and 1’400 volunteers were present.
Serve the City has committed to provide volunteers to 7 stores and hope you will be able to participate in this very special event.. The stores we serve are listed under current activities or at the Signup page.
Other options are also listed on the webpage.