Serve The City Geneva

Serve the city Geneva Newsletter July No. 2

( July 27, 2021 )

Dear volunteers..

I know many are traveling this week.. but we have a couple of quick requests..
First.. many thanks to those who jumped in to serve the homeless during the closure of the soup kitchen this week.

It looks like we are able make 200 meals each day, transport them and serve them at the kitchen parking lot..

It was a great response!

Carrefour rue has a used toyshop behind the train station and is looking for a few volunteers sometime this next week.

A little French may be helpful for this event.

Effectivement, nous avons reçu beaucoup de vêtements et de jeux à la Jouetterie. J’ai donc proposé à Serve the City de nous soutenir dans le tri. Si possible : Lundi après-midi Mardi matin Mercredi la journée Jeudi matin Matin 9h-13h Après- midi 13h-17h 3 personnes par demi-journée serait idéal. Merci beaucoup !

Indicate time interest in comments. Rue des Grottes 24, 1201 Genève, behind the train-station.

And both the Food bag preparation project and the Samdi du Partage food sorting could both use some help this week.

Our trip this weekend to LaGarenne Zoo was very successful but they have some additional projects that we could easily be of great help to them. We are looking for a small team to get together on any week day in the next couple of weeks.

If you have a day that suits you..let us know and we can try to put a team around you.

Other projects are popping up so do keep in touch with the website..(we even have some September events avail.. if you like to plan ahead !!)

For any of the above events …please signup on the website..

Again we thank you.. the Serve the City team