Serve The City Geneva

We are urgently looking for volunteers

( December 31, 2020 )

Dear Volunteers,

This year is a particularly difficult year for many of Geneva’ s most vulnerable people. We have several projects to help the homeless and hurting in our community. 1.The preparing of 5,000 food packages a week and 2. The sorting of the Samdi du Partage collected food. (Signup for all events on our website indicating date preferences.)

We are urgently looking for volunteers to prepare sandwiches from home.and deliver them to a homeless shelter in the city. The project will run Monday to Friday until 15th January. This is a very last minute request due to the urgent need that has arisen. The goal is to make 70 sandwiches on a given day and you will be refunded 70 CHF for expenses. For more information on making and distributing the sandwiches please contact:Simon – by signing up on the STC website Any commitment would be greatly welcomed. I wish you a wonderful holiday season.

Kind Regards,

The Serve The City team