Serve The City Geneva

About Us


The homeless, refugees, the disabled, victims of abuse. We know them by their needs … What if we knew them by name?


Serve The City Geneva is an organisation that aims to mobilize volunteers by partnering with existing organisations that are already serving the poor and marginalised. By mobilising resources in the form of volunteers to organisations, we believe we can impact individual lives and the communities we serve. We partner with homeless shelters, refugee centres, orphanages, and other associations, and invite volunteers to show kindness through practical help and support.


Serve the City Geneva’s mission is to provide volunteer resources to organizations serving the poor and marginalized of Geneva.


Our vision is a city in which individuals and communities experience personal, social, environmental, and economic wellbeing by means of the commitment of volunteers who want to serve their neighbors. Our strategy is thus to:

  • facilitate volunteer recruitment,
  • serve the population through empowerment,
  • support our affiliates with volunteers and financial aid,
  • foster mutual transformation: our own and those we serve.

Serve The City Geneva projects are often simple. Our recent activities have included: Meeting People

  • renovating community centers and gardens,
  • delivering food to the homeless,
  • wrapping Christmas toys for children,
  • giving free hugs,
  • painting a welcoming mural on the wall of a soup kitchen,
  • spending time with the elderly, and
  • playing with handicapped children.

We are looking for several people to work with us. The job descriptions are here.