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Activities with Partage

Partage is non-profit association that works with government-run welfare services, private companies and individuals. Its founding members are the Salvation Army, Caré, Caritas Genève, les Colis du Coeur and Emmaüs. It is a member of the European Federation of Food Banks.


Partage concentrates on collecting food and distributing it to those in need.

1. Collection

Twice a year, in Spring and Autumn, Partage organizes a “Samedi du partage” (Saturday of sharing), with the help of numerous supermarkets and grocery stores in Geneva. At these events, volunteers encourage shoppers to buy extra food (and personal hygiene products) for the needy, in addition to their own purchases. The volunteers explain the concept to shoppers entering the store, provide lists of the kind of items required, and show the shoppers where to place them. 

Serve The City Geneva provides some of the volunteers for these Partage collections.

Where they are

Various stores all over the greater Geneva area.

2. Sorting of donated items

After each “Samedi du partage”, volunteers are needed to sort and stack the donated items at the Partage warehouse in Carouge. These sorting sessions take place on weekday mornings from about 9am to midday.

Where they are

The Partage warehouse is at Rue Blavignac 16, 1227 Carouge, and is accessible via public transport.

Note: Volunteers may need to dress warmly, as the warehouse may be cool!

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