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Our activities with Carrefour-Rue

The organization’s goal

Carrefour-Rue is a non-profit organization  in the service of the homeless or excluded from society.


Headquarters and community center: Villa Baulacre, Rue Baulacre 10 (1202 Genève).

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Quartier général, Carrefour-Rue

In Geneva center:

Soup kitchen: Jardin de Montbrillant

Showers and washing machines: Point d’Eau, 4, rue Chandieu

Second hand toys: Jouetterie (Rue des Grottes)

In Plan-les-Ouates:

Second-hand clothes and furniture: Aboudaby, Villa Julien, 85, route de St. Julien.

Carrefour-Rue organizes other venues in Geneva depending on requirements.

Past activities with Carrefour-Rue

Mai 2014 mini event

International Nelson Mandela Day, July 2013

Kinds of work

Our past activities with Carrefour-Rue donsisted of:

  • Soup kitchen
  • DIY,
  • building maintenance and cleaning,
  • gardening.

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