Serve The City Geneva

Dear volunteers.   a note from Partage…

We wanted to let you know that new dates are now available for the preparation of food aid bags during July and August.

Here are the dates and the number of volunteers required that are available In July :

7th July : 9 volunteers

17th July : 8 volunteers

18th July : 7 volunteers

24th July : 8 volunteers

25th July : 7 volunteers

27th July : 6 volunteers

31st July : 8 volunteers

  And most of the August month is also available (for 10 people max), excepted the following :  9th, 18th and 23rd August.

If you have volunteers interested for these dates, I’ll be happy to register the groups for the dates they will choose.


4 July    :  6 spots available

6 July    :  7 spots available

7 July    :  3 spots available

10 July  :  7 spots available

12 July  :  6 spots available

please sign up and bring a friend if possible.. 

Best regards   The STC team