Serve The City Geneva

February Newsletter

( February 7, 2020 )

Dear volunteers,

During the winter projects have been pretty slow, a couple of soup kitchens and small projects. The spring I’m sure will bring more activities. Here are 2, out of Geneva projects.

One of STCGs first sponsors and current supporters is GHNI Global Hope Network International. They are involved with transformation of unreached people groups, global leadership conferences on political leadership and disaster relief programs. Here is one of the programs that is of acute interest.

Dear Team,

As you know there was a devastating earthquake in Eastern Turkey. More than 40 people have been reports dead, and with many more still missing, the death toll is certain to rise. There are still flickers of hope, with an infant being rescued recently, giving families and the nation hope. More than 1,500 were injured. The quake destroyed 76 buildings and damaged more than 1,000 others, leaving tens of thousands homeless, exposed to the bitter elements, during the coldest time of the year. Rain and snow are in the forecast for the coming days. It’s not just the ground that shook, many of the buildings that were destroyed were newer building built after the tougher building code enacted following the catastrophic earthquake that killed 25-75,000 people twenty years ago near Istanbul. People don’t know where to turn. They have no place to stay and after receiving more than 3.5 million Syrian refugees in recent years, the social services of Turkey are stretched thin.

We need your help. The people of Eastern Turkey need your help. With GHNI Staff living in Turkey, working through a network of partners, they are ready & willing to alleviate the suffering. All they are waiting for is for your help. Your gift of $50, $250 or $1,000 will provide blankets, diapers, and food for people who lost everything, including the kitchen sink…

Once we said, if we have the capacity to respond to a disaster, we should get something out in quickly. Doing good disaster relief, with an eye on lt sustainable dev is one of the core things that we do. It provided resources to our project countries, and builds credibility with donors. What I am saying is that we as a field, think we should respond, but it’s up to the resource offices to determine if there is enough buzz and if the timing is right. At least we should post it on Generous Giving, as that platform provided $10,000 or more for the Syrian Kurds relief. It is more focused on relief than development.


Global Hope Network International
Le Grand-Saconnex

IBAN NO : CH38 0900 0000 1771 0390 5


Jeff Latsa – Field Strategy Coord

Giving Help & Hope to the Hidden & Hurting


Another option outside the city..

Serve the City Paris is trying to regenerate itself in this very special city. I was thinking I wouldn’t mind taking a 2-3 day trip to Paris to help them support some of their projects. Am I the only one?, or would others (given the right timing) like to participate in such an endeavour? I have set up STC Paris project signup on the STCG website, and if this is something that MAY interest you do sign in. No commitment just something that might be of interest.

Many thanks the STCG team..