Serve The City Geneva

Geneva Kindness Quotient

( May 16, 2020 )

Although we had ONLY 12 contributions to our KQ indicator (Geneva Kindness Quotient) the average score was 6.5  i.e. slightly better than normal. Some of the comments were;

-Geneva is not an obviously warm city but there is kindness out there. 

-I see a high KQ in Geneva because people in general are conscious about following hygienic and social distancing rules. In addition, they are showing solidarity everyday towards medical workers by celebrating their work through clapping. Furthermore, Geneva has volunteering groups in action such as STC to try and help others. If I took out some points is because at the beginning, panic buying was so selfish towards others.  

-People are very nice, but don’t necessarily go out of their way to help out 

Now 6.5 was in the lowest 25% of the 100 STC’s worldwide but hopefully STCG can help raise this level! 😊