Serve The City Geneva

May Newsletter

To all registered Serve the City volunteer, and those on the internet who would like to help those in need.

Here we are in May once again, and at the end of the month is one of our communities largest events and we are proud to be part of it!   On Friday 31 May and 1 June, Samedi du Partage enlists over 90 stores to participate in collecting goods for the needy of the area. Serve the City has committed to send volunteers to 8 of these stores and we hope you and your family can be part of this event.  For those not familiar with the program we hand out bags to those entering your store and then another volunteer at the cashier, sortingthe contributions.  The 8 different stores have 4 different time slots available for your participation.  Friday at 15h30 or 3 slots on Saturday.  Do signup for a spot early!  And many thanks for your continued participation to help those in need. 

The 1 June BioParc activity will be postponed until 8th of  June!

 Other activities like the soup kitchen are still noted on our current activities list.

Many thanks to all.   The Serve the City Geneva team