Serve The City Geneva

Newsletter June

Partage Sorting: With the great results from last weekend’s food collection, we now need volunteers to help sort everything! The sorting will take place on 12,19 and 27 of June. Please let us know if you might be able to help out with this task if you can,

Sorting will take place at Fondation Partage (Espace Tourbillon, Route de la Galaise 19A – 1228 Plan-les-Ouates (Bâtiment D). A Map is found on the STC homepage.

Please sign up on the website for more information.

Clair Bois   Wednesday, June 12th Fun End of School Year Event for Clair Blois children from 10h00 to 18h00 (with breaks)    

We have a big end of school year Party planned for the Handicapped kids over at Clair Bois. This is a wonderful time to help entertain the kids (and their care givers). Parents too will be part of the festivities. STC will be hosting by serving the drinks, the food goodies, setup/clean-up. Do come and be a part of this heartwarming event. We want to give the care-givers and staff a much-deserved break!  Complete details of options will be provided to you upon your web signup. Your role would be to help the kids and their families to relax and enjoy the festivities provided by CLAIR BOIS center and their staff. There will be games, a bouncy castle to entertain the children, and Clair Bois and the parents provide food for the families. You would be there to help make them smile!

Point d’Eau / Carrefour Rue: They need your help! Point d’Eau is a free shower and laundry service, another service provided by Carrefour Rue.   We are looking for regular volunteers at the Point d’eau. Once a week is great. It could be during the morning or afternoon, ideally on Mondays or Fridays but other days totally ok too. The Point d’eau is a place to mop the floor of the showers, which can be done in 5 minutes, just to make sure that every person that comes to take a shower arrives at a clean, respectfully place, It is a place where we make the laundry machines turn BUT it is mostly a place to practice French, meet people from diverse horizons in the team that come to shower, do their laundry, generally take care of their personal grooming.We would be ideally belooking for people who might speak another language too, for example, Ukrainien, Arabic, or others.

BioParc  Animal shelter in Belview has a project this Saturday 8 June.

Aubudaby, Soup Kitchen, Salvtion Army, and Refettorio free meals are a few of the other options..

Many thanks... The Serve the City team.