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Cerebral Palsy Project 15 and 17 June

We are looking for 10 to 15 volunteers for the weekend of June 15th to 17th, for the Family Day on Saturday the 16th at L’Association Cerebral in Onex. (  The association supports kids with cerebral palsy and this year it is the 60th anniversary of the center.  Volunteers are needed for set up and break down on the Friday and the Sunday, although the main event starts at 11 a.m. on Saturday.  Please let STC know if and when you are available.  Thank you for your help!

Paddle for Cancer Project 2 September

Hi Gary

I hope all is well with you.  It is that time of year again and I am in the process of filling all our volunteer slots for the Paddle for Cancer dragonboat festival.  I thought it would be useful to touch base with you at this stage to see if you would be able to help us find volunteers again, as you so kindly did last year.
We have a few positions that I currently know are free which are:
Litter/Recycling team – Sunday all day from 8am (must be able to stay until the very end, around 7pm)
Toilets – Sunday – Continual monitoring of toilets, emptying of each toilet rubbish bin, wipe-up around toilet-bowl area. Spray freshener on each cleanup.  If a toilet becomes particularly nasty, lock-up and leave it!  At end of Sunday no big cleanup necessary, as toilets can be left as they are.
Festival Set-up – 12.00-15.00 on the Saturday.  Involves moving tables, benches, fridges, boats and general set-up duties
Festival Clear-up – 16.00-19.00 on the Sunday.  Involves the reverse of set-up.
Photographers – 8/9am – 5pm.  To be part of this team to capture the races, ambience, volunteers at work, mini regatta, winners and festival in general.
Mini-Regatta – we always have general positions to help with the children’s races

Boat-loading – helping on the main race event to ensure participants are instructed and safe getting in the dragon boats

We always get ad hoc positions elsewhere also so anyone who is flexible, hardworking and just wants to help out at a great event, we would love to hear from.

I look forward to hearing from you as to whether you feel you may be able to find some volunteers for any of these positions.



Geneva Hospice Project 7 & 13 July

 Am over the moon to hear that StC will consider helping Tara realise these two projects – and maybe even some further heavy work in the garden – long overdue pruning and clearing for one.  Even cutting the grass from time to time?
Anyway first things first!  In terms of timing I can give you the dates.  
Saturday 7th July we will need 3 strong persons to help dig some holes for the foundations/cement (am translating from the French)
Friday 13th July, the cement will be delivered (time tbc). We will need 3 or 4 strong persons for this. The problem of course for this date is that it’s a Friday.  Unfortunately the cement company doesn’t deliver the weekends. 
After that there will be the garden shed itself to install but I need more details on this.  I assume the cement foundations will have to thoroughly dry.  The commune has recommended the sheds at Corabois in Vernier.  I’ve spoken to them and will go by there to see the full range and to get the exact dimensions for the foundations.  It will however be no more than 5sqm to avoid planning permission!
Their sheds it seems are easy to put up and the pre-treated wooden parts slot easily together.  The commune said it’s not a bad idea to do an additional treatment before building – to see!   So much for the garden shed.
The second project is the painting of a very large part of the basement which includes a couple of washing machines, dryers, a fridge, metal storage cabinets, storage boxes, a very large table and a couple of IKEA wardrobes etc
The painting has been deferred (because of the garden shed project) to week beginning Monday 23rd July.  Therefore the moving of furniture has to be done the Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd.  We know the washing machines etc will be out of bounds for the week or so of the painting and there are two other rooms down in the basement where we hope most of the things can go as well as the garage which is currently filled with garden stuff and will ultimately go into the shed…….
After the painting is completed the things will need to go back into place (28/29 July?)
Now that you may be able to help us I shall get as much detail as I can to help you find people.
Lastly, for the project manager job, we in fact have someone. Etienne Morin is connected to Tara both as a volunteer and through his relationship with a colleague here.  I would not want to tread on his toes!  However, he speaks very little English so together we sort out the details.  He is much less available now so I see him very little and I let him take care of the technicalities while I find the manpower!
Voilà.  I’m available if you wish to talk to me directly or come to the House at some point and would just like to say how grateful I am and relieved  that we can turn to you for help with these projects that mean so much to us.
If interested we will be on the Swiss TV on 6th June in a programme called 36.9.  It starts around 8pm and Tara will be the second part of the programme – so more like 8:30 I believe.  It shows beautifully what we achieve here and what the Tara mission is.
Thanks for reading all of this and look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.
Kind regards,

Salvation Army Homeless Project, Fridays thru 3 July

Hello Serve the City,
As discussed, we decided to change the location of the meal distribution on Fridays and Saturdays. Indeed, we realized that on Friday and Saturday we had many people who came only to eat. So to relieve the work of the professionals, but also so that the homeless people can sleep earlier. We decided to change places. So for the June Friday and Saturday nights. I will need if possible 2 people on Friday evening and 2 people on Saturday evening, from 19:30 to 22:30 at the CARE Association. If you can find the people you need, give me the name and phone number of the people. I thank you for your collaboration

Rue du Grand-Bureau 13
1227 Les Acacias
Best regards  SA