Serve The City Geneva

Carrefour Rue needs help

( March 23, 2020 )

Greetings to volunteers..

We have been looking around for ways to Serve the Community in which we live. We have been given a suggestion that just might work. (Request shown below)

If we could find 3 volunteers, to make 70 wrapped sandwiches, once per week (each Tuesday or Wednesday) and deliver them behind the train station at the Mt. Brilliant Soup kitchen at 10h to prepare packages. Perhaps a team of 4-5 could prepare 200 sandwiches!? (offsite)

We could feed the normal 200 people a day that normally eat there.

.. re supplies, expenses and other logistics, will need to be determined.

Hopefully it should be no problem to get Tuna, Mayo, bread from Partage. Perhaps other sandwich options, but we will have to first see if we have the sandwich makers available. and perhaps a Swiss living Project leader to look after logistics. It might be difficult for those living in France to participate.

Do signup on the website if this might be something you might be able to do…to serve.

—Carrefour Rue request.


We try to prepare take-out meals. We work with a reduced team to limit the risks. Could cooks prepare sandwiches or trays at home or on their premises once or twice a week? Could someone deliver to the Garden? We are looking for equipment, such as oven mitts or packaging containers, and food that should not be cooked (cookies, cake, quiches). Look what is possible and tell me.

Thank you for your support and take care of yourself.

Take Care!


Yann – Carrefour Rue Mt.Brilliant Soup kitchen