Serve The City Geneva

Serve the City Geneva – January Newsletter

Happy New Year to all Serve the City Geneva volunteers.

We hope you had a chance to serve the community this past year. If not, 2024 should be a great year to be of service to all those marginalized in need of help or a loving arm. 

Just a brief recap of 2023 for those wondering what we have been able to accomplish last year. As we know: Many people doing small things together can make a big difference!

            Starting with Samedi du Partage: Serve the City Geneva provided over 150 volunteers, contributing 600 hours of service for sorting and packing of the donated food and other goods.

            75 STC volunteers (47 of them first-time-volunteers) contributed just under 5.000 hours of service for the Carrefour Rue soup kitchen at Montbrillant

            For environmental projects the Bioparc in Bellevue was a very popular weekend service opportunity. STC provided 150 volunteers (almost 20 volunteers were 1st timers) for another 600 hours of service.

            20 STC volunteers (assisted by many other helpers) helped Aboudaby in distributing free clothing on 88 days in 2023 (44 weeks) for 3 hours every day. 

           Other projects included:

– serving meals 7 days a week to refugees with the Salvation Army,

– evening meal service at Refettorio,

– Christmas projects with Carrefour Rue,

 – Party for handicapped children at Clair Bois, and several other events…  

So, in total, in 2023 over 300 Serve the City Geneva volunteers contributed over 1200 hours of service to the community..

A GREAT YEAR! Many thanks to all who participated and supported STC in many ways.

Current needs:  We urgently need to collect a large quantity of men’s and women’s clothing (mostly winter clothes) for refugees and other people in need in Geneva.

Do you have any clothes to donate? Do you have any friends, neighbors or colleagues who have clothes to donate? Please check the Aboudaby projects on our website for delivery information.

Another current need is from Partage. They are just finishing up sorting and inventory of all the goods received on the Samedi du Partage.

They are short of help this week on Wednesday and Thursday.  I have booked STC for 5 persons on Thursday morning, but if you are free to drop in on Wednesday, we are sure they would be happy to see you.

The need for getting at least some minimal amount of groceries to those in need has not diminished. Partage has been given the funding to continue the food packing project at least until the end of April.  Currently 5,000 food bags are being distributed per week to various centers throughout the city. They tell me that the number is increasing and may be jumping up to 6,000 bags. Three days a week we are helping to prepare these grocery bags.  Do consider lending a hand. If you want to bring a group of volunteers, sign up at to select a date.

Do keep an eye on our webpage for available activities.

Thanks to all   The Serve the City Geneva team