Serve The City Geneva

Serve The City Geneva & Samedi du Partage Newsletter

Dear Serve the City volunteers,

now is the time for one of our biggest events of the year.. We are looking for 110 volunteers to help with one of Geneva’s best services to the community and those in need.

Samedi du Partage which will take place November 24th and 25th. The Partage Foundation collects and distributes food to people of need in Geneva thru over 60 different service organizations. We need volunteers to collect food items outside several supermarkets in and around the Canton of Geneva. This year we have 3 locations in Vaud for those in this area and several more in Geneva.

As a special event for all the volunteers we are going to have a ServeTheCity Samedi du Partage Apero meeting on Saturday evening 18 November, 6pm. This will be a thank you for all our volunteers, meet members of our team, information about what will happen on the 2 days, and T-shirt distribution to all the new volunteers. The Apero meeting location will be announced soon.

Please check in early to save the spot and time of your preference. If you possibly might be able help us out on Friday evenings.. to consider it as these have been our most difficult time slots to fill.. And families are more than welcome join in..

Regards to all, The Serve the City Geneva Team….